One of the favourite things to do is just to lay down, relax, watch TV and there is nothing better than to fulfil the enjoyment with pizza. Veggie or meat, colourful or Bianca, big or small. If you can’t decide, here are some suggestions.

1. Potato, red onion and rosemary pizza

If you need a light delicious tasty pizza you should try a delightful pizza with potatoes, mixed with red onion and rosemary.

2. Pear, prosciutto and Gorgonzola pizza

Juicy fruit pizza with sweet pear topping, together with crème fraîche, punchy Gorgonzola cheese and a balsamic glaze for extraordinary pleasure.

3. Florentine pizza

A classic yet delicious Italian Florence pizza with tomato, spinach and Parma ham, and an eggs on the top as a perfect dinner date choice.

4. Mexican taco pizzas

Tomatoes, gooey mozzarella and beef as a topping on a readymade pizza bases for a taste of Mexican delight.

5. Pizza Bianca with garlic mushrooms, pesto and goat’s cheese

Soften golden garlic mushrooms, on a crispy pizza, with creamy goat’s cheese and pesto can become your favourite meal of the week.

6. Mini kale, gouda and chilli pizzas

If you want your kids to enjoy kale, you should offer them these mini kale pizzas, with garlic and chilli toppings, and covered with creamy gouda cheese.

7. Vegan pizza with peppers, artichokes and olives

There is not better choice for a light, colourful and healthy pizza, than a vegan pepper pizza with creamy humus and salty capers, or any other veggie toppings you like.

8. Cheat’s Caprese pizza

Only 20 minutes is what it takes to enjoy the lovely and delicious Caprese pizza. Sliced mozzarella, basil and tomatoes on mini roasted tortilla base will give you the delightful authentic taste.

9. Bianca pizza

If you are not a fan of tomatoes, no problem. The pizza Bianca is a solution. With lovely ricotta, onion, garlic and mozzarella topping, on creamy dough, served immediately after baking, gives wonderful taste in your mouth.

10. Spicy chicken cauliflower ‘pizza’

If you love spicy chicken meat, this pizza will be your favourite. But all pizzas are better of you mix meat and veggie, that is why this pizza, mixed with steamed cauliflower, an egg, the almonds, and seasons will become your most delightful spicy dish.


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