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EMT is short for Emergency Medical Technician. This person takes care of the patient from the place of the incident until they are taken with an ambulance. They proceed to help the patient through the whole process until they arrive at the hospital and a doctor takes over. These doctors are trained paramedics who can provide advanced medical care in case of an emergency.

And we all know what’s common for most medical staff and doctors. Of course, they all have their stethoscope. But, do you know they use different types of it, depending on the field they cover? They are used to examine the urgent patient initially and give some help before they come to the hospital. This device can also be used so the EMT can listen to suspicious body sounds. That helps them detect the unusual sounds, and even be accurate when they estimate what’s wrong with the person, and give some basic medical treatment to stabilize their condition.

EMT experts are using a basic type of stethoscope, but paramedics, who are a level higher, should have good gear too. In order to get this one, you need to know the difference between the different levels of a medical expert. The purpose of this medical device is to listen to the sounds our heart and lungs make when they are healthy, and detect if there is anything that stops them from working properly.

The importance of the good model

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This device is crucial for early diagnostics, so the emergency patient can be properly treated until they get a doctor’s care. Every medical practitioner must know how to use it, so they can detect the potential health risk within the patients. It’s the most useful tool, which means you shouldn’t go for the cheap ones. Usually, the hospitals or health institutions already have these tools available for their staff, but some individuals decide to buy one for themselves, so they can always wear it around their neck.

According to the experts, a good stethoscope is lightweight, powerful, and flexible, easy to conduct and navigate, and also very powerful, since it’s used in very dangerous and specific situations. Newer models use advanced technologies, but every practitioner can use the traditional one if that’s what they want.

The most popular models among them all are:

  1. 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope
  2. eSteth
  3. MDF MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Stethoscope
  4. 3M Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope
  5. 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope
  6. ADC ADSCOPE 615 Platinum Professional Clinician Stethoscope
  7. Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope
  8. ADC ADSCOPE 603 Clinician Stethoscope

These are a few models that most medical staff prefer. Also, there are different types of stethoscopes (don’t mix them with models), that can target and analyze different parts of the body.

There is an acoustic, or also known as a traditional type of tool. Then, you can also find electronic, Doppler, or even amplified devices, but also fetal stethoscopes, veterinarian, and hearing impairment types. As you suppose, they target different parts of the body and can be used for specific examinations.

In the end, it’s not that important to take a specific model, since you are looking for quality and durability. You will have to detect the vital signs and abnormalities, so you can treat the patient properly until experienced doctors take care of them.

Additionally, we will suggest you look for soundproof models because accidents can be messy and very loud, and you will have to focus on the body functions, trying to ignore the environment.

The importance of this instrument

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Having a lightweight and good stethoscope is essential for every medical practitioner, including EMTs, paramedics, nurses, and doctors. Checking the vital functions is one step closer to the diagnosis, which can lead to properly taking care of the patient.
No matter if someone had a cardiac arrest, car accident, or any other situation that is risky for their life, the first thing an EMT should do is to check if the patient breathes, and then check their lungs, and other body functions, so they can give them the needed help, and save their life.

In these cases, it’s always good to take your lightweight and quality stethoscope, that is sensitive enough to detect any potential change in their body. EMTs are an important chain in the life-saving process, and they must have the needed instruments, so they can successfully do their job.

The hardest job of the “first-line” medical staff

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The first people who come to the place of the accident or to the patient who had some health issues are EMTs, who provide the first medical help, trying to keep the patient vital and alive until the paramedics take over the case, together with the emergency medical specialists, and nurses too.

They will all use their stethoscope, even though they are surrounded by noise and distractions.

Every individual included in this process should carefully choose this device, following the basic criteria it has to satisfy, to work properly. Today, there are models with soundproof earplugs, that can help the EMT focus on the vital sounds, without any distraction. That means, they must be trained to use that, react quickly, and recognize the acoustic features, because sometimes even those few seconds are crucial for the patient to be saved.

Buying a good stethoscope for you

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If the hospital or medical facility doesn’t provide one for every person from the staff, then you will need to invest in it by yourself. The good thing is that you will take it with you everywhere you go, even if you go for a new job too.

Older and more experienced coworkers are here to help you to choose the one you need.

Also, the main feature you need to take care of is advanced acoustic and soundproof earplugs, since the environment can be pretty loud, and you must be precise when checking on the patient.

After that, you are completely ready to grab every chance life is giving to you, and help as many patients as you can.


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