The CBD industry is no longer a taboo subject among people. People now understand that CBD oil and other CBD extracts will not make them high, harm their overall health, etc. On the other hand, purchasing and selling CBD is also no longer illegal in most countries in the world. There are many online shops such as where you can purchase the purest CBD in the world, and their products can make your life easier in different ways.

However, mistakes happen, don’t they? People sometimes do not have the time to research the product they purchased to the fullest. Because of that, they often don’t define the perfect dose for their needs. However, there is one a bit silly mistake that may seem dangerous to a person that experienced it. Some people accidentally take expired CBD oil. If you are one of them, we have good news for you.

Are You Going to Die or Go to the Hospital?


If you are experiencing a panic attack while reading this article, we need to tell you to calm down. Nothing is going to happen to you and expired CBD oil is not going to make you sick. However, you also can’t expect that product will have some effect on your organism. When the expiration date comes, CBD products lose potency or even become completely useless. Of course, this counts for every type of medicine you can find in the world.

Because of that, NOTHING will happen to you, literally.

After making things clear, we should move to another important thing. You may need CBD oil urgently to relieve pain, calm down, or anything else. If you want to experience its full potential and all the healthy habits it can bring, the best way to do that is to determine whether your CBD oil expired or not.

You will manage to see the expiring date on the bottom of the bottle (in most cases). However, don’t expect they are always strict. Your product may last for a couple of days more or a couple of days less. Because of that, we recommend you follow the indicators from the list below.

Murky and Thick Oil – The First Sign

Okay, if you are keeping your oil in a refrigerator, it is normal that your CBD oil becomes “cloudy”. However, after you take it from there, the cloudiness should disappear after a couple of minutes on a room temperature. The natural color of the oil, as well as viscosity, should get back after that period. Yet, if you see that the CBD oil you purchased remains thick and murky, that means it will no longer have the same effect.

Funky Smell


Well, CBD oils do not ever smell unpleasant. If you experience something like that, you can be sure the product your purchased expired. The smell, in that case, would be somehow skunky (if that’s a good term to describe it).

The Taste Is Rancid

Okay, this rule does not count always. If your CBD oil is artificially flavored, there is no reason to worry. In that case, you will see on the package of the product the taste of the oil is earthy, grassy, etc. However, if the oil tastes off, then that means something is wrong. You can be sure the CBD oil is not going to bring the results you are expecting.

What Exactly Influences the Longlivity of CBD Oil?


Remember what we said about the expired dates? They are not always strict. However, how long your oil will be effective also depends on various factors that each consumer can control. We will highlight the most important ones.

The Way How You Store Products

Well, you can simply put the CBD oil anywhere inside your house. That especially counts when we talk about sunlight. These products lose the quality if you expose them to sunlight for too long. You should keep them in the dark and cold places where they will manage to remain effective.

The Type of Packaging CBD Oil Has


The previous factor is a bit connected with this one. You will easily notice that most of the oils come in black or dark-colored bottles. That may not be a good marketing move, but is definitely the most effective method of protecting the ingredients inside of it. These packages have the same purpose – they protect the oil from sunlight and air. Because of that, when purchasing a product, you should have this factor in mind.

Quality of the Oil

Well, this factor may be obvious, but we need to highlight it and provide you with one extra tip. Not all the sellers you find online are going to provide the same quality of the products. Some of them are not willing to invest in packaging or appropriate storage because they want to save more money in that way.

We highlighted one store where you can find a high-quality product. However, we recommend you research more and check out which options you exactly have. After you see that, you will easily determine whether our suggestion was good or not.

The Process of Extraction


CBD producers use different methods to complete the extraction process successfully. However, that doesn’t mean that some standards do not exist. A golden standard, when we talk about the extraction process, is the usage of carbon dioxide. In that case, the oils keep the high level of CBD and keep all the benefits that an average consumer is expecting to get. This is something you should also check out before spending your money. If the seller is not selling the product of that type, you should get familiar with the benefits of the procedure he is using. It doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad just because it is different.

Final Thought

Now when you read everything, you can be sure that nothing bad is going to happen. You are not going to go to the hospital, die, feel sick, or anything else. It can only happen that you need to purchase a new bottle of CBD oil and repeat the consumption. We highlighted some of the factors that expose whether CBD oil expired or not. That is the best way to determine something like that.


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