Substance abuse is the constant use of harmful substances that can harm your health and social life. You can have mental issues stemming from substance abuse. If you abuse harmful substances and start to experience mental problems, it is crucial to seek the services of Dr. Ashwin Reddy who is experienced in addiction matters.

Common substances that people misuse or abuse include illegal drugs, alcohol, and prescription medicines. The substances can alter your mind and affect your mental health negatively. Your health can be affected, leading to mood swings, irritability, and poor appetite.

Symptoms of substance abuse

Reliance on substances like illegal drugs can start to exhibit certain symptoms in an individual who uses illegal drugs. The following are common symptoms of substance abuse.



One of the most common side effects of drug addiction is anxiety. When you habitually abuse drugs, your level of nervousness and restlessness increases. All you can think of is getting your drug of choice to calm you down. Following such a situation, you can become irritable if you don’t get your fix.

Solitary drinking

While many individuals associate drinking alcohol with socialization and catching up with friends, you will not mind drinking alone if you are addicted to alcohol. You might want to get to a bar and sit as you consume one beer after another.

Mood swings

Drug addiction can make you lose control over your emotions. You can easily become irritated even by the slightest of provocations. If you don’t get your fix, you might take it out on those around you, even though it is not their fault.

Loss of memory


The habitual intake of illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin can lead to memory loss. You might forget bits of information or a big chunk of what happened in an event. When you find yourself experiencing memory lapses, it means you have a high reliance on drugs.

Treatment options

Your drug addiction specialist administers treatment depending on two aspects; your physical aspect and your mental aspect. The physical part of treatment refers to an illness you might get once you withdraw from the drug. The mental part addresses moodiness after withdrawal.

The following are common treatment methods.

Behavioral therapy


Behavioral therapy focuses on counseling and helping you understand the effects of illegal drugs. It can also help you learn life skills, change habitual behaviors, and adjust your social tendencies.

Patient Education

Admitting you have a drug problem is the first step toward successful treatment. Your specialist will help you realize and see the consequences of your actions. They will also help you understand how drugs interact with your body and their harmful effects.

Maintenance medication

Sometimes your addiction specialist might give you drugs to help with withdrawal symptoms. This treatment is vital if you are abusing hard drugs like heroin. One common maintenance medication is suboxone.


If you have a substance abuse problem affecting your mental health, visit 2nd Chance for treatment. You will meet qualified, experienced, and compassionate physicians ready to offer a personalized treatment plan. Call or schedule an appointment online and reclaim your mental health.


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