Struggling with weight and trying to lose that belly fat? However, you are constantly failing and still not making progress once you step onto the scale? A lot of people have a hard time losing weight in a natural way and with gym workouts or fast diets. Are you one of those people as well? If so, this is why you might want to consider trying out some different methods or surgeries that are effective & safe. Keep on reading and discover your options down below.

What is the safest way to lose weight?


For a lot of people, bariatric surgery is one of the safest forms of surgery that has almost no complications once done right & by a skilled surgeon. People who end up doing it can have great results since the procedure has been around for 25 years, meaning that most doctors have perfected it by now. It is not a newer type on the market, yet it is considered to be safe since it has no mortality rates linked to it. Your final results will depend on how well you are able to adapt to the diet and eating regime given. Most people can lose 50% of their weight with ease and with this approach.

What you should know about the bariatric surgery

The number of bariatric surgery procedures has been going up and it has been climbing in the past few years. Most people nowadays dare to do it since they are equipped with the right information that can be found online & on the internet. Here are some perks & pros of it:

  • Significant and rapid weight loss journey
  • Quick & easy operating time
  • Easy & simple aftercare
  • Effective
  • Common go-to by people who have problems such as type 2 diabetes

Are there any risks of bariatric surgery?


When compared to the risks of living with obesity as well as when compared to some other kinds of surgery options that are out there, bariatric surgery can be seen as something safe as well as non-invasive. Men & women who end up losing weight in this way can enjoy different benefits. There are a lot more pros to this surgery than there are risks or cons.

Why is the process done and who should do it?

Bariatric surgery is a common go-to solution for people who are obese (men and women) and it is also done by those who want to reduce their appetite & hunger. If your body mass index is 30 or more you do fall in this category. People that often consider getting this process done and who wish to make a difference are:

  • People with diabetes
  • Heart complication patients
  • Those with digestive issues
  • Osteoarthritis

What are the types of bariatric surgery?

Different clinics & different places have their own methods & types of surgery that one can go for. However, we will focus on 3 different ones:

1. Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding


This is a restrictive surgery. During this process your surgeon will place an inflatable band over the top portion of the stomach. Once done the right way, the patient will end up with a pouch that is connected to the stomach. By doing so, the time that it takes for your food to get to your stomach will be a lot slower, meaning that you will feel full for a longer period. The reason why a lot of people like this approach is because this surgery is reversible as the band and port can be removed as you progress with your health journey.

2. Gastric sleeve or sleeve gastrectomy


This is a bit more complex approach and a tricky surgery since a surgeon has to remove about 75% to 85% of your stomach in order to leave only a small pouch that will be stapled in the end. Your food will automatically be reduced, and your everyday intake will still satisfy and absorb the needed nutrients. With this surgery, you will reduce hunger and your appetite will be a lot less noticeable. The thing about this surgery that is only ”scary” is that it is not reversible.

3. Gastric bypass


A lot of people have heard about gastric bypass surgery. This surgery is restrictive + it involves two procedures. The first part is done by a surgeon that will staple your stomach in order to achieve that small pouch. Then they cut the small intestine and attach the lower part of it directly to the pouch. Once done, the bypass is connected down to your intestine which means that digestive juices can get in. With the bypass, you will notice changes within your gut bacteria & gut hormones, which will restrict your calories. Only in some cases & at some occasions this procedure can be reversed.

Although we have listed these three options right here, you should know that it is vital for you to find the one that works for you, your age, body mass index, as well as your health concerns/condition. Only advise with your doctor & find a solution that works well for you before you commit to the process.

Consider going for it?

What would it feel like to lose 100 pounds or even more? What would it feel like to be able to go on hikes with your kids and enjoy extreme sports, bike rides & feel confident with your summer body? You can get the body of your dreams at The Bariatric & Metabolic Center of Colorado. They have some of the best & qualified doctors that have performed over 1,000 bariatric surgeries on their patients. You can find out all about their prices, way of work, recovery time + read some FAQs to get even more informed about the process. Do not be afraid since you are in safe hands, and stop dreaming about your dream body since it is closer than it was ever before!


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