You worry about your family because of this pandemic. It seems like the virus doesn’t discriminate against anyone. You can get infected, regardless of your age, health condition, or location. This pandemic is a concern on top of other issues. You have to remind your children to stay safe and healthy all the time. The good thing is that you’re always home to talk to them. You can continuously remind them about staying safe.

Don’t overuse phones

Since children have to study at home, they might end up playing games for several hours. Others use social media because they feel bored. You can’t stop them if they’re responsible for doing other chores and studying their lessons.

However, you should still remind them to limit the use. Mobile devices emit harmful radiation, and children are vulnerable to it. The good thing is that you can also order emf protection online. Check out With the use of this shield, you help block radiation from adversely affecting your children.

Eat healthily

The good thing about having your children home most of the time is that you can watch what they eat. You also have plenty of time to prepare healthy meals. The problem is that even if you made a sumptuous dish for them, they still avoid eating healthy options. Let them know the importance of eating healthily and why you decide to give them fruits and vegetables. When things get back to normal, they will remember what you said and select the right meals.

Hand washing is crucial

Children play outdoors, and they don’t mind if they touch dirty objects. It’s time to remind them about the potential diseases they can get because of the dirty surfaces and objects touched. It doesn’t mean you prevent them from playing. You just remind them to wash their hands all the time. It’s not only about coronavirus infection, but other pathogens that could harm them.

Sleep on time

Your children might forget to sleep on time because they have nothing to do and nowhere to go the next day. You can be less strict with bedtime, but you should still remind them not to sleep late. Their bodies are developing, and they need sufficient time to rest. Otherwise, it could dent their growth and development. Set a punishment for violating the curfew. Try to be firm in this regard since they might be complacent.

Be cautious of information browsed online

If your children are already mature enough to use the internet, they might view content that will bother them. If these ideas are about coronavirus cases, let them know that not everything they see is true. They might follow incorrect medical advice and put themselves at risk. If adults like you could be vulnerable, it’s even worse for children. Protect them against misinformation. You can also invest in parental controls so you can block sites that might mislead them.

Speak out

Several adults have already expressed frustration because of the closure orders. It’s frustrating for some people not to see their friends and relatives. Hearing about infections and death rates each day is also another challenge. The good thing is that there might be some people around you who can speak with you and make you feel better. Even if you only discuss things over the phone, it’s good enough. The point is that you express how you feel.

Your children might not have the same outlet. Therefore, you should tell them to be honest with you. If they don’t like what’s going on, they can trust you to listen. You might also want to encourage journaling. Through this method, they can express how they feel. Children could also suffer from mental health problems, and you have to provide guidance.

Learn to relax

Some children are too lazy to do anything these days. Others are the complete opposite. They’re the ones who excel at school. Since they’re always at home, they feel restless. They think they’re not productive enough. They compensate for it by doing too many tasks at once. Remind them that it’s okay to relax. The quarantine orders weren’t necessarily for people to become more productive. These orders are for protection against the virus. Relaxing doesn’t hurt. It’s even an excellent opportunity to spend more time taking a break from studies and other issues.

Avoid going out to play with friends

It might be difficult for children to lock themselves in at home. They don’t understand what’s going on. A few months ago, they could play with cousins and neighbours. These days, you no longer allow them to go out. Explain to them that it’s not a punishment. Let them know that you want them to stay safe from the virus. Staying away from everyone else, including friends, might help. They’re not the only ones who feel unwell. You have to do the same, and you miss your friends too. No one wants to be in this situation, but it’s necessary to stop the virus.

Don’t worry too much

The world has faced several issues in the past, but nothing affected children as much as this pandemic. It seems like they understand what’s going on, and they could get ill. It’s good to understand the effects of the pandemic, but don’t allow them to worry too much. They should still enjoy childhood. Allow them to play in your yard. Set a family game night for everyone to enjoy. If they feel worried and they show some signs, you have to talk to them. Having an honest conversation will make them feel better.

It might be annoying for your children to hear you remind them all the time, but they need to listen to these things to stay safe. Don’t hesitate to explain to them what the coronavirus is, and what it does to the body. Even if they’re too young to understand, you should still try. They need to know the facts to stay safe. Even when they have to go back to school, they will remember your reminders.


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