No one can ever predict an accident, that’s what makes them more fatal. Have you suffered a personal injury and are hesitant to talk about it? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Your physical injury has the ability to send your mind into a state of traumatic shock thereby affecting your mental health. So, if you or your loved one are going through something like this, stay tuned, this article is for you.

There are many ways through which your personal injury can have a strong effect on your mental health. Let’s look at some of them, shall we?

1. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


One of the most feared effects after being in an accident that induces physical injury is the shock of PTSD. PTSD is the abbreviated form that stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It can be stated as a psychiatric disorder from which a person suffers if they’ve been in a serious accident, sexual violence, serious injuries, etc. PTSD cannot be described as a normal reaction as it goes beyond the subdued fear and anger.

The trauma might be rooted so deeply in your mind that it may lead to further complications that endanger your ability and will to live. Now, it might fade over time but if it doesn’t, you might need to seek professional help. This might be an expensive expense on your part, so you should be looking to get compensated by the guilty party who put you in that position. You should look for firms that help you out get the money you’re owed.

2. Fear

You might not be able to keep on going about your life the same way as before because the trauma will definitely have an impact on you. The errands that seemed basic before now might take the form of this humongous task that you are faced with.

Every step of your job becomes a task. This in turn might affect your morale and hamper your productivity. If every time you get up for a task, you are gripped by this crippling fear that you have no idea where it is coming from, life becomes a chore.

3. Anxiety and Depression


Even the minute things might contribute to triggering your anxiety and raising it to levels that you are not capable of handling. Serious anxiety can further lead to other mental health complications like depression, panic attacks, and whatnot. It is very common for people who have suffered serious injuries, especially if the accident had led to a disability of some kind, to slip into depression.

Even though the number of people with such issues is increasing every day, being in an accident and suffering a physical injury brings you several steps closer to such mental health issues than ever before. It might get really hard to contain eventually until you go to seek help from professional therapists who are trained specifically in PTSD-induced panic, stress, or anxiety.

4. Intrusive Memories

One of the other most severe symptoms of being in an accident that causes a personal injury is the intrusive thoughts and memories of the event that follows. This is exceptionally hard to go through because you are forced to relive your trauma all over again until it gets too much. When all you want is to forget any traces of the event that changed your life but these intrusive memories won’t let it go to rest.

The emotional distress might get immeasurable as these intrusive memories might surface both consciously and unconsciously in terms of dreams and nightmares. Reliving your trauma over and over again can lead to further mental health problems that might only be solved through the correct treatment.

5. Going Out Of Your Way To Avoid Something


As things start to become unbearable, you’d be tempted to avoid everything that reminds you of that event. You might be doing so in hopes that this will help you avoid random triggers that might send you over the edge. But while doing so, you might be cutting a part of your life as you might start to avoid certain people who might include your loved ones or certain places that you loved before but which now has too many painful memories associated with it.

This might take you further away from living your life normally and might be a concern for people around you. You should consider looking through various virtual platforms catering to the legal needs like this website that help you out with pressing charges against those who are responsible for this.

6. Changes In Response

Since the accident, you might feel that nothing is the same anymore. One more addition to why it might feel that way is the way your reflexes and responses have changed. You are prone to staying alert all the time to face danger which will drain you out easily. You might get frightened or startled easily with anything happening without you being ready for it. All of this might make it harder for you to fall asleep leading to sleeping disorders like insomnia.

You might also feel an overwhelming sense of guilt or shame because you have the feeling that you might have handled or should’ve handled the situation differently than you did. Obsessive thoughts about going back in the past and changing things for the better could consume your thought process day and night which will be visible in your behavioral responses.

How To Tackle These Problems?


It is very much possible that the trauma might resolve on its own over time but the probability of that happening decreases if the physical injury is more serious. You might feel that you are in control for the time but in the long run, it is advisable that you seek mental health counseling, go to a trauma center, and do whatever else helps you to get better.


If you had an option to live your life properly without your trauma overshadowing your life, you would seriously take it, won’t you? But sometimes affordability becomes a factor in how to proceed further with your health.

You should be able to hold the guilty party accountable and make them pay for this lifelong trauma that you’ve incurred because of them. NJ Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Lawyers can help you out with that. So, do check out their website for any legal help!


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