Low carb diets are food with relatively low levels of carbohydrates. A low carb diet has most of the carbohydrates replaced with unprocessed proteins, vegetables, and fats. Low carb meals are preferred and prescribed by doctors because they contribute to weight loss and general body health A lot of people do low carb diets so they can maintain a good healthy lifestyle. It’s probably the most powerful widely used diet in the United States. There are three different low carb diets on there. The general low carb, and there is keto and paleo diet. Looking above at both these common diets out there, the Keto diet and the Paleo diet, seem very similar. Some of your favorite foods, including cookies, pizza, and cereal, are limited by both. But there are some important distinctions that you should consider between the two diets, so you can find out whether one of them is right for you. We will not much deeper, but explain the general notion of a low carb diet.

A low carb diet has little sugars and starch in it. Low consumption of sugars and starch lowers your body sugars level, and the level of insulin production drops. Insulin is a hormone that is responsible for converting excess sugars in the body to fats. Reduced insulin levels in the body also increase fat burning, thus reducing food consumption and weight loss. This is the key to a low carb diet. It’s how the engine works and people lose tons of weight.

Foods to eat in low carb diet:

Low carb food includes the vegetables, fish and seafood, eggs, meat, and natural fats obtained from dairy products, nuts, and berries. Vegetables have got the lowest net carbs compared to other types of foods. Some fruits like onions, tomatoes, pepper, and lettuce are also vegetables. Dairy products include real butter, cheese, and regular milk. Flavored and processed milk should not be part of the diet.

Low carb drinks you can take daily include coffee, tea, and water. You may add a small amount of milk in your tea to add taste. Also, add some lemon to water as it helps in burning carbohydrates and fats.

What to avoid eating:


You should avoid food containing a high sugar and starch level as they have high carb diets. Sugary food includes soft drinks, chocolates, candy, juice, buns, cakes, ice cream, and breakfast cereals. You should also avoid artificial sweeteners.

Foodstuff rich in starch includes wheat flour products, refined cereal grains, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and rice. However, these high carb diets have a particular version with low carb, e.g., low carb bread, low carb mashed potatoes, low carb porridge, and low carb rice.

It would be best if you avoid beer since it is a product of fermented grain. There are low carb beers in the market but avoid them as they contain higher carb content than pure liqueur and dry wine.

Avoid margarine as it has high contents of carbs. The industrial margarine is only an imitation of natural butter from daily products. Margarine has added components like flavors and fats that make up the omega-six elements.

Other tips:


Low carb meals are not for people who are taking any medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, and also those who are breastfeeding. Those who do not have severe chronic conditions can take the diet since it will not negatively affect their average body physiological processes.

If you are looking towards weight loss, you only need to eat when you are hungry. Eating while hungry makes the food to be utilized fully by the body. If you eat when you are not hungry, the body will have unused excess sugars and fats, which is unhealthy.

It’s important to know that a low carb meal requires some fat. Fats are essential in the body as they contribute to energy production from the breakdown of both carbohydrates and fats. A reduction of carbs will trigger the breakdown of fats stored under the body tissues and the ones eaten in the diet.

It would be best if you made a meal plan to make things easier. A diet with low carb requires a meal plan which will guide you on what you will take throughout the week. A meal plan helps you to know what to purchase in your favorite grocery. A meal plan makes you stick to the diet since knowing what you will eat prevents you from eating unhealthy food.

Some companies’ advertisements are misleading as they portray their products to have a low carb, but they contain a higher amount of carbs in the real sense. For instance, there are low carb chocolates in the market, but they prevent users from losing weight. You should avoid any junky food, even the ones labeled to have less carb because most of these products are there to mislead consumers. Most local farmers’ markets sell quality low carb foods, which are unprocessed. Eat food that was there traditionally.

Meal delivery service kit:


Today there are many meal delivery service kits that will provide you with low carb breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Due to the busy daily schedule, many people avoid going to the grocery to buy food and opt to order food from different outlets.

The COVID 19 restrictions have also contributed to a rise in the meal delivery service companies. The lockdown has limited people’s movement, and they have the option of ordering meals into their homes.

Some of the best meal delivery service units include Purple Carrot, KETO Frozen, Factor 75, Fresh Direct, Home Chef, Sun Basket, Freshly, Every Plate, Blue Apron, Purple Carrot, Gobble, Fresh and Easy, Green Chef, Hello Fresh, and the Daily Harvest. The available meal services are suitable for weight loss and healthy eating. The meals comprise of healthy fats, vegetables, and proteins.


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