Do you like to keep your family healthy and with good energy? You must learn to use the Palo Santo, an aromatic tree that is revolutionizing within natural medicine and holistic life.

Palo Santo or also known by its scientific name Bursera Graveolens is native to the tropical dry forest of the Pacific coast of South America. It is generally found mostly in Ecuador. Many years ago, the shamans of the first Ecuadorian cultures used the smoke of the Palo Santo and its essential oil in order to heal the soul and body of the sick.

Currently, these types of holistic practices have not changed much, contrary to taking more strength, to the point that the Palo santo can now be found in different ways such as, for example, essential oils, incenses, and even soaps. It should be noted that all these products are 100% natural and free of chemicals and dyes.

One of the products derived from the most used palo santo is the Palo Santo essential oil which has a woody citrus aroma with a slight mint smell, famous for its properties antidepressants, diaphoretics, diuretics, depuratives, antirheumatics, sedatives, counteracts the stress and sadness, antiseptic and counteracts skin fungus.

Both the essential oil and the other Palo Santo products are made from the naturally dead palo santo trees. A Palo Santo tree has a life cycle of approximately 30 years or more, once it dies it has to rest for 2 to 4 years in its natural environment to obtain all the properties and benefits that this sacred wood offers us.

It should be emphasized that the Palo Santo should not be cut or harvested since a cut palo santo tree does not possess the properties like a naturally dead tree.

But due to its great popularity that it has obtained thanks to its multiple healing properties, several companies to earn money, are choosing to cut the trees and sell green wood, this, in the end, is bad for the environment and for us since we do not will give no benefit to our health, because it has no properties.

It is recommended that whenever we find sites that market palo santo and its derived products, make sure that they are responsible sites that work in a sustainable way and that carry reforestation programs. In Ecuador, there are companies that have reforestation programs where they have shaded more than 10,000 palo santo trees and are even carrying out joint studies by universities to determine the degree of CO2 storage with which the Palo Santo trees contribute.

How to use palo santo to improve my health?

As explained above, Palo Santo has multiple healing properties and provides great benefits for our health. The essential oil can help us to counteract flu symptoms, coughs, allergies, anxiety attacks or panics, and it even helps us to relieve muscle and body aches.

Pay attention to how to correctly use Palo Santo essential oil to improve our health: In case of flu, cough or allergies, it is advisable to place a few drops of 33% pure essential oil in the chest area at the level of the heart, place a few drops on the side of the head in the temple area, and also put a few drops in the nose.

If you suffer from constant dizziness and you do not know what to do to avoid suffering more from this disease, you only have to put a few drops of essential oil palo santo 33% pure on the chest, its pleasant aroma will help you relax and counteract the symptoms of dizziness.

To relieve muscle or body pain, it is ideal that you use 33% pure essential oil, Palo Santo essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties, performing a massage will help to deflate and reactivate blood circulation and recharge the energy level.

Place a few drops of essential oil 3 times a day directly on the pain point by rubbing until the skin absorbs the essential oil. Then you can cover the massaged part with a red scarf, because this color increases the body’s energy flow.

In case of suffering from acne

If you suffer from acne, palo santo soaps are ideal. It is made from palo santo essential oil, which makes it rich in Limonene, a medicinal compound of palo santo, known for being a strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic agent.

Wash your face in the morning and before sleeping every day this will help you moisturize and protect your skin against blemishes and acne.

Eliminate bad energy from your home

Incense or palo santo wood, not only serves to ward off mosquitoes, it also serves to purify your home and eliminate all bad energies. The only thing you should do is, take an incense or piece of palo santo light it and smoke the whole house, curtains, furniture, every corner is important.

Remember that inhaling smoke is bad for our health, so I recommend that when you smoke, leave the wood in a censer or heat resistant container and leave the room.

If you want to aromatize your home and have a pure and impurity-free environment, you can use 100% pure Palo Santo essential oils, you should only place 3 to 5 drops of palo santo essential oil in an aroma diffuser and let it work.

If you do not have a diffuser, do not worry, you can buy distilled water from Palo Santo and place it in an atomizer and spray all the parts of your home. Both palo santo essential oil and palo santo distilled water will help purify the environment, raising our body’s defenses and strengthening our immune system.

Remember live healthy, live happily in peace and harmony with the fantastic power of palo santo, the natural energy that does your body good. For more information click here.


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