Blemishes, scars, wrinkles, and tattoos can all make life difficult for people. Blemishes and other marks on the skin can reduce your confidence and cause you to be less satisfied with your appearance. Sometimes, this goes so deep that it influences your personality in a big way, and can cause a lot of negative side-effects. Pico laser treatment is one of the many treatment options for skin blemishes, tattoo removal, and other issues like wrinkles and scarring.

In this article, we’ll discuss treatments with Pico laser in Singapore, what it does and who is set to benefit from this procedure. If you’re not satisfied with your appearance due to skin issues, then you’re in the right place.

What is pico laser treatment?

Pico laser treatment is a procedure that uses lasers to improve the look and feel of the skin. It’s called like this due to the fact that the laser is applied to the skin for mere picoseconds, which is one step shorter than a nanosecond.

The shorter exposure to the laser helps to reduce the damage done to other neighboring cells and areas of the skin. This is why this treatment is often considered to have less risk and fewer side-effects than other similar ones.

It can work to break up melanin particles, which are what causes blemishes on the skin. Once broken up, they are removed by your body. It also works to stimulate collagen production, which helps in combating aging and wrinkles. That’s the reason why it can also be used to make the skin look and feel more youthful.

How does it work?

In Singapore, this treatment is mostly performed in aesthetic clinics like CambridgeMedical. The treatment itself works by directing a laser at the skin for extremely short bursts. These bursts take mere picoseconds and produce a high level of energy.

This energy can help break up melanin or stimulate collagen production in the skin, which can help remove tattoos, blemishes and improve wrinkles and sagging skin. There’s also a laser treatment called nanolaser treatment, which directs the laser at your skin for a few hundred nanoseconds instead of picoseconds.

Due to the increased exposure time, less energy can be directed at the area that is set to benefit from it, and more damage is done to surrounding tissue. It’s for this reason that pico laser treatment is considered superior in a vast majority of cases.

Who is pico laser treatment for?

It is for anyone looking to remove blemishes on the skin. This could be someone with acne scars or someone with a tattoo that needs to be removed. Both ink and melanin can be broken down by pico laser treatment and is then removed by your body’s immune system. Scar tissue can also be improved by using the pico laser.

This treatment also works wonders for wrinkles and aging skin, due to the increased production of collagen it can cause. It’s a safe and non-intrusive procedure for reversing some of the effects of aging.

What are the benefits of pico laser treatments?

It comes with a wide array of benefits, especially when compared with other similar technologies. The benefits you can get from opting for a pico laser treatment are tattoo removal, the removal of blemishes, improving scar tissue, and combating wrinkles. It’s a dynamic technology that’s becoming majorly popular around the world.

When compared to a comparable technology like nanolaser treatment, the pico laser has a few other benefits. For starters, it exposes the skin to a much more powerful laser, which can create much better results. It also exposes the skin to the laser for a far shorter amount of time, which means that less surrounding tissue is damaged. This means that the risks of side effects or complications are much lower when using the pico treatment.

How many sessions will I need?

This really depends on the target area and what the results are that you’re after. In the vast majority of cases, multiple procedures are going to be necessary to achieve the results you’re after, whether you’re removing acne scars or getting a tattoo removed.

The exact procedure you need to do also impacts the length of time you need to spend under the laser, so it’s best to speak with your practitioner in order to get a better indication of this.

What happens during the procedure?

The procedure is very straight forward. After discussing the procedure with your physician, all you will need to do is lie down and wait for the procedure to finish.

Side-effects are usually minor, and you’ll be going about your day as if nothing has happened. Slight redness and itching are common for a few days after the procedure, depending on what was treated.

What does a pico laser treatment cost in Singapore

The price varies a lot, depending on the results you’re looking for and the complexity. Some issues are far easier to deal with than others, so where one procedure may set you back just a few hundred dollars, another may cost 1000 or more per procedure.

Multiple procedures are extremely common when it comes to pico laser treatments, so bear this in mind.

Other factors that influence price are the doctor’s skills and experience level, the materials used, and the clinic’s/doctor’s reputation, among others.


Pico laser treatment is a great option if you’re suffering from skin blemishes or wrinkles. Although it’s important to check with your consultant first, it can be a great option for improving issues on the skin. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re in a better position to judge whether a pico laser treatment might suit your situation.


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