Dehydration symptoms during bright sunny days are common. You tend to undergo body symptoms like dizziness while doing daily chores, constant irritation and headaches, cramps in the body, and fatigue. In some cases, you might experience pain in the stomach and loose motion. Hence, it is always suggested to keep a proper intake of oral rehydration salts and electrolyte drinks that keep the body in a better position.

Aldo, dehydration is closely related to meeting the body’s water requirements. There are only a few chances that you might have heard of body hydration through intravenous (IV) therapy. For those who don’t know about it, here is everything that will help you form a basic concept of IV hydration.

About IV Hydration

Intravenous hydration therapy is a safe and standard process that does not have any complication-related risks. In this process, IV fluids are used. These are formulated liquids that are injected into the body. The medical practitioner induces them into a person’s veins, and it helps prepare the body against dehydration. The results are quick. But, it is better to speak with your consultant before stopping the intake as they can guide you better.

The steps for injecting the fluids are as follows:

  • A small tube is attached to a long tube that finds its way to a bag full of fluids.
  • The bag is hung through a hook to the IV stand.
  • The machine is switched on, and the pumping begins to the IV line.
  • Keep a check on the line that will help monitor the entry of fluids into the body.

It is helpful to people belonging to different age groups. No matter if a person is sick or injured or is dehydrated due to a lack of water intake, or a hardcore exercise routine, this kind of hydration is a trusted source. Also, they are used if anyone suffers from an electrolyte imbalance. However, you should ensure that you get the IV hydration process done by an experienced professional like Viveiv.

7 Reasons To Choose IV Hydration Over Natural Water Intake


Now, you might be thinking about the sudden preference for the IV hydration process over water intake in the body. Of course, water is essential for the human body, for the body is primarily made of water. But, IV hydration should be a preferred process owing to the following reasons:

Maintaining Vitamins And Minerals In The Body

Water will help keep the roughage content in the body intact but may not be as helpful as IV hydration, ensuring proper delivery of essential vitamins and minerals. It fulfills the body’s requirements for vitamins B and C and other essential ingredients for the body, like magnesium and zinc. The relief provided by IV is better than that provided by water during hydration.


Water, glucose, or similar type of salty liquid will do the needful if you have mild dehydration. However, if the problem is more significant and you have other problems like pain in the head, and attached areas like cheek bones and eyes, amongst others like stomach pain, and loose motions, you should turn to IV hydration. It is designed to offer efficiency in such cases.

Quick Results

If you can’t stand pain for a minute and are looking for quicker results, you should know that water won’t help. Drinking will show gradual results. However, if you want your body to respond to the intake quickly, you should go for this process. The digestive system processes the fluids quickly and helps to treat the dehydrated cells better. The main reason behind this is that the IV fluids are injected directly into the bloodstream, and their chances of reacting to the body’s requirements are better.

Targeting Body Symptoms

Humans face different kinds of issues while they suffer from dehydration. Drinking water is the common suggestion that you will get. This is because water has mineral content that fulfills the requirements. But, you cannot use water to eliminate all the ailments that dehydration or other issues that are suffered by the body. This process identifies the ailments and requirements, and the add-ins.

Process Ease


Stomach problems and their connection to the intake of water are unquestionable. But drinking water will make you uncomfortable and queasy in case, you suffer from stomach pain or digestion issues. If you feel vomiting or have a heavy head, drinking water can hit you and make you heavy and can lead to bloating, too. The process is one step at a time and goes easy. You will be in a comfortable spot while undergoing this process. There won’t be any problem related to the body condition or compromise on your ease, especially when you are unwell.


The IV process allows you to choose a customized treatment. It means that the fluids are injected based on your requirement. The doctors and nurses carrying out this process have proper knowledge and understanding. They can see your body symptoms and recommend the needed add-ins. There is an array of add-ins that can be induced in the veins for better functioning. For example, if you often witness headaches, you can consult a specialist and ask for recommendations to get rid of the same through this process.


A significant reason owing to which many people skip visiting the doctor is that they find the registration and consultation process exhaustive. Seeking help by opting for an intake of IV fluids will cut the process and save you from spending time, effort, and money in the emergency room. The process promises the same vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to the body as you will get in the hospital. Also, you need not step out of your home for the same. The appointment is short and ranges between 25 to 45 minutes.


This solution is emerging as a practical solution in the current time when there are so many health-related problems on the go. It offers a mighty relief to you and goes with different requirements of the body of different people. Hence, it is better when the problem is alarming, and your body wants quick and efficient results.


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