Ever since humans were created, aging is one of the things that we fear the most. You can beat anything in this world except time, and there’s definitely no escaping from it. 

However, there are some scientists and medical experts out there that spend a lot of time doing researches and confirming studies, and some of their results seem to point out that there might be a way to slow down the process of aging. Sounds eerie yet? Well, it might be true, so if you want to learn more about this topic, feel free to continue reading until the end of this article.

Diet as a factor for aging

It is already well-known that the food we eat is a huge factor in how our bodies will look, feel and age. If you happen to be a person that is not really paying attention on what they’re eating, we advise you to correct that immediately, simply because most of the health issues are coming from an improper and unbalanced diet.

In order for our bodies to have maximum functionality and energy, we need to provide them with the right nutrients. There are three core macro-nutrients that everyone should know about, and they are:

Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats. It goes way beyond this and gets pretty complicated when you add in micronutrients and fiber, but for the “average Joe”, those three are enough in order to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Combine the balanced diet and regularly counted calorie intake with some physical exercise, and you already have the perfect mixture that will take you on the right path of aging slower. You’ve ever seen a professional athlete and misjudged their age by about 10? Well, that’s because they look much younger due to all of the proper eating and physical activity, so if you want to look and feel younger as well, you need to take an example from them, and put in the effort that they’re putting.

Less carbs to age slower?

According to, some studies show that eating low carbs and high protein is something that also slows down the aging process. Although that is not directly connected to the carbs themselves, it is really well-known that carbs are delicious and people tend to eat a lot of them, in most cases providing the body more than three times the amount it needs.

By eating so much carbs, we tend to get obese and store some unhealthy fat, and being unhealthy directly impacts everything connected to aging and heaving health problems.

The point here is not to make the carbs seem like the enemy, but unfortunately, all of the today’s favorite foods such as pizza, burgers and similar stuff are full with carbs, and in most cases, unhealthy carbs. Keeping your carbs down low and your protein intake high will make sure that you have a lean body, which will result in having all of your hormones on the right levels and feel much more energized, healthy and possibly gain the effect of aging slower.

The author of the study, Dr. Saad AlSogair is a Saudi dermatologist based in Khobar, Saudi Arabia.


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