Sex is fantastic, there’s no doubt about that. But it’s not everything in a relationship. It’s essential in the event it’s needed. Having sex with your partner doesn’t only comprise physical exchange but also mental, spiritual, and emotional exchange.

Often, most couples find themselves wrapped up in one another for one reason only, sex. And if sex was taken out of the equation, you’ll find that most couples lack any other means of connection.

Therefore, it’s indispensable for partners to understand that balance is vital in any relationship. Of course, sex is also a contributing factor to a healthy relationship. However, let it not be the only binding factor in your partnership. It’s sad how most people meet and immediately indulge in intercourse before taking the time to know each other well.

Now understand this, in no way are we condemning sexual relations between couples. Our emphasis is on finding what more connects you to your partner than just sex. So, aside from sex, let’s look at some other fundamentals in a relationship.

More Fundamentals in a Relationship

1. Healthy Communication

Communication in a relationship is a spectrum that can be explored in many ways. Talking dirty with or to your partner is, of course, a significant turn on, but also in-depth, informative communication is something of deep essence.

Having a healthy communication pattern with your partner forms the backbone of your relationship. It means you are coming together as one and talking about critical ideas to strengthen your bond further.

Other than that, general communication between two intimate people helps them clearly understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. With this information, you two can smoothly and productively work on your differences.

It’s worth saying that healthy communication in any relationship is more important than sex. As humans, we don’t mind readers; therefore, being honest and entirely open to the one you love something special. You’ll be able to share needs and desires and always be up to par with everything mindful concerning your partner.

2. Trust and Loyalty

Trust is another fundamental determinant of a healthy relationship. You can have all the sex in the world, but do you trust each other? There is a need to trust your partner. Intimacy isn’t just about physicality. Trusting each other gives you both the confidence to fully pursue this love journey together.

Trusting that you have each other’s best interests at heart raises the loyalty matter. Trust and loyalty go hand in hand. If you are loyal to your partner, then you trust that they are also loyal to you. Being partners means that you are willing to come together and stand by one another. If one of you is caught in a rather challenging situation, you should always be there to help.

It’s more than just sleeping together; it’s having each other’s back at all times.

3. Embrace Each Other’s Imperfections

As much as you may refer to your other half as your everything, it isn’t always like that. We are all humans, and each of us has our shortcomings. How do you go about this issue of realizing that your partner can’t give you everything your desire? You employ understanding.

Loving someone means you’ve taken them in as they are. And in relationships, there is only so much one person can do. It’s unreasonable to rely on your partner to help you with some matters entirely. He/she should support you in any way possible, but some issues call for a different circle.

Therefore, you shouldn’t let desperation direct your bond. Instead, focus on compatibility, and you’ll have a good experience in your relationship.

4. Ensure there are More Positive Interactions

A healthy relationship between two people is sustained by positive interactions between them as opposed to a lot of negative interactions. Partners in a relationship should therefore strive to work hard and create positive interaction with their partners. When a relationship has more positive interactions, you tend to feel satisfaction and are happy.

When negative energy between partners is encouraged to thrive in a relationship, it will eventually take a toll on them to the detriment of what they have going. This is something that each person intentionally purposes to achieve for the sake of their relationship.

Where Do Couples Go Wrong?

In this context, most couples end up prioritizing sex. This, in many instances, has proven to be very dangerous and dividing. Creating a balance between both of you is something very essential.

That’s why an emphasis must be put on understanding one another. There is a danger in placing sex first over everything else. Great communication channels should be encouraged in your relationship such that you understand each other’s worries and needs. What if your male counterpart suffers from Erectile Dysfunction? Will the relationship be able to hold?

In most cases, male partners feel the pressure to fully satisfy their women. Some, even with such a disorder, feel ashamed of coming out about it. Why? Because sex has been their only means of communication.

Erectile Dysfunction has been, for a long time, a significant contributor to many breakups and sometimes divorces. But this shouldn’t be the case. It’s possible to overcome ED when both partners are communicating appropriately and getting the right solutions.

There are non-invasive ways to treat it, such as GAINSwave or P-shots mentioned by Dr. Kate Kass. It’s a sensitive matter that needs to be handled by both parties. And if both the man and the woman can adhere to these directives, they would be in a healthy relationship.


We all want fun, and sex should be an additional spice to an all-round relationship. But it is essential that you take care of all the other aspects of your relationship as well.

Allow sex to be applicable when desired, but don’t let it be the backbone of your relationship. Interestingly, sex will feel much more fulfilling when you are able to take care of all the other positive aspects of your relationship.

Sexual satisfaction is mostly mental, and when you are settled emotionally, then you will have an amazing experience.


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