Along with the increase in the number of places where legal gambling is possible – the public’s interest in the health problems that such a hobby can bring to individuals is growing. An old problem treated as a “temporary abandonment of normal life in individuals” – can take a primary place in life and confront them with many problems and challenges, including health.

When you notice that what you once experienced as mere fun and entertainment has started to affect your life, and especially your health – step on a break and stop! Ask yourself well if and how gambling from fun can grow into something else and bring you numerous health issues. How to avoid such traps? How to have a good time while staying healthy with as little stress as possible? We will try to give you some of the answers.

How To See Gambling As A Fun Part Of Life


When we talk about addiction – we usually mean drug addiction or alcoholism. However, addiction can also develop into other things. Gambling and gambling addiction are becoming more and more of a problem in our society. Some European countries report that 50,000 – 100,000 people have a problem with gambling in their communities. The truth is, this problem is present everywhere.

Although we run away from reality and say that it is just fun and that it is just a valve for treating our nervousness – frequent visits to sports betting and casinos do not confirm this statement. What some people consider “fun” – becomes addictive and it greatly affects the health and relationships with your loved ones. You need to put everything on the invisible scale and measure what is more important in your life – your health and family or a long stay and spending too much money in the casino.

The Boundary Between Fun And Addiction


In fact, everything is ok as long as it is in the domain of fun, games, guessing. When you cross the border and start living your life on a slot machine – then other problems arise. That should definitely be avoided. As with everything else – the key is moderation. A little fun didn’t bring anyone anything bad.

Moreover, it can lift your spirits or even motivate you to do some things in life. You can learn how to behave like a winner but also like a loser. However, when the invisible red line is crossed – everything can become different, and then it is no longer fun. Gambling and betting can be a lot of fun if you look at it reasonably and smartly. So we will try to help you with that.

Are We Happy Or Desperate?


Research has shown that there are 2 types of people who gamble. Each group encompasses a wide range of players and is easy to move from one group to another. The first type of player is the ‘merrymaker type’. With him, gambling is pure fun. Satisfaction, excitement, and sometimes victory make a person feel comfortable and happy in the game. Losses remain within acceptable limits.

Some players, however, are constantly increasing their stakes so that victory becomes more and more important. That means they are closer to the second type – ‘the desperate type’. Dealers, a bad day, or a slot machine that doesn’t work properly – they are all to blame for the defeats. Of course, these are just excuses.

Fortune Is Avoiding You?


There is also the third group of players – ‘the penitents’. Players who feel guilty because they lost money explain it with the words: ‘Fortune was not in my favor’, or ‘He was just lucky’, etc. These are people who have already started to look for reasons for their gambling failures. Try to be cheerful – because then you will truly enjoy the games offered by websites like UFA. Only truly cheerful people can celebrate winning in the right way.

Don’t let yourself be a loser or a desperate one who loses more and more – and doesn’t realize he’s sinking more and more. Gambling should be fun, not a passion that can lead you to ruin and poor health. Try to come to a positive result with logic and in a good mood.

How to Test Yourself? Are We Having Fun Or Are We Already Endangering Health And Normal Life?


The next few steps will show you the degree of addiction – and the question of whether you are at risk of gambling. Gambling in this sense includes a wide range of different games – all card games, dice games, slot machines, betting on football and other matches and races, etc.

We will give you some guidelines that should make you recognize the problem – and return to your previous state of mind. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself and answer honestly.

  • Have you been gambling more lately than before?
  • Do you always make excuses to gamble?
  • Do you continue to gamble even when you lose?
  • Have you ever missed an appointment due to gambling?
  • Have you ever gotten into a conflict because of gambling?
  • Do you continue to gamble even when you win?
  • Do you ever gamble to forget your problems?
  • Do you ever gamble because you are celebrating something?
  • Do you find it difficult not to gamble for a long time?
  • Do you ever gamble because you are bored?

If you have at least 4 to 5 positive answers – then you are not having fun, you have already gone deep into the problem. It means you have to solve that issue – so you don’t fall even deeper into the addiction that causes additional health problems.

Gambling Is Good Fun And That’s How It Should Be Experienced


It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend player or you’re constantly at the casino – or maybe you’re playing online from home. One thing is for sure – gambling should be your passion, but in a fun and logical sense. You have a lot of professional players who have not fallen into crises for years. How is that possible? Simply, because they defined gambling as fun where they can make money – if they use logic, common sense, and do not fall into desperate states.

Believe that your health depends only on you – and your way of accepting the game, gain, or loss. Don’t let any game affect your mood – because the ball is round and has no favorites, and the sevens on the slot will come to you one day. Look at things that way and just be positive. Even if you lose some money – it’s not the end of the world! The wheel of fortune can turn around tomorrow – and if you are a cheerful and positive person – it will turn to your side.


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