Different forms of art exist today. We live in the postmodern world, and some even say that we have entered post-postmodernism. While this is debatable and the boundary will be set sometime in the future, we can all agree with the fact that a lot of things are called “art.” Even the meals made of eggs – let’s check them out.

Yin and Yang

Michele Baldini is a student from Mexico, and he can turn the most boring things into fascinating pieces of art. He got an inspiration to make a yin and yang out of fried eggs when he saw a photo online, and so he did it. Three years have passed, and people still admire his work of art.

Positive Feedback

Ever since he saw that first picture, he has been inspired, and the ideas kept coming to him. What is great is that the response on social media has been outstanding. Initially, he posted the photos on his personal account, but when unknown people started following him, he opened an account just for eggs. It started with friends and family, but Baldini now has followers from all around the world.

Crazy ideas

If you visit his profile, you will see all kinds of crazy things. Through some of the meals, he interacts with the people who admire his work. With this photo, he asked the viewers’ pets’ names, and he got heaps of responses.

French Fries Fried-Egg Style

We all love the fries at McDonald’s, but you can make them at home. After a lot of practice, I assume. Baldini sometimes shows world-famous brands in his posts and one of them is McDonald’s fries, but he also made a Starbucks logo.


Another passion of his is video games. However, it is hard to recreate modern games, so he decided to create PAC-MAN out of fried eggs. This looks fantastic and making such shapes must have taken a lot of time.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is one of the most influential people in the world and him becoming the president of America was outstanding and beyond anyone’s imagination. While he deals with all sorts of things, Baldini wanted to recreate his face with fried eggs and yolk was just perfect for Trump’s hairstyle. The Trump creation got some hilarious comments, and we can see why.


Adding clever references is something Baldini does and ending on a high note is always something he strives for.


Sometimes, he likes to experiment, and some of his creations are naughty.

Do you think this is art? Whatever you think, we are looking forward to seeing more from Michele.


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