Probiotics are good bacteria that have positive effects on the human body when consumed. Unlike other bacterias that cause ailments, these probiotics can have healing effects in the body. As you might have gone through yogurt advertisements where they promote the use of healthy bacterias that are good for the gut.

Probiotics help in maintaining the proper functioning of the stomach. They help keep away gastrointestinal diseases. Apart from keeping away internal disorders, probiotics are also useful in treating external fungal infections. Many doctors recommend taking probiotics in case of toenail fungus. Toenail fungus is an infection that is visible on the toe as a spot below the nail. If not given proper attention, it can grow into a colored disfiguration of the entire toe.

There are many treatments for this ailment, and adding probiotics to your diet is one of the most prominent. One of the most popular ones isĀ Restoration by Viva Nutra, a trusted and well-reviewed supplement for treating toenail fungus.

Let us understand why probiotics are essential in treating toenail fungus.

But first, we will read the real reason why toenail fungus occurs.


A fungal infection has many reasons to catch your body. Improper hygiene is the leading cause. Old age people are more prone to this complication.

People suffering from diseases like athlete’s foot, the high sugar level in the blood, or those who have a weak immune system can suffer from this ailment. If you smoke frequently, then you are likely to suffer from a fungal infection.


Keep your feet clean. Washing your hands is essential, but it is also necessary to clean your feet. Use a good quality body wash or disinfectant soap to clean the feet. Keep your feet dry all the time as people who keep their feet dry all the time have more chances of catching a fungal infection.

The nails must always be short. Clip the nails with a clean clipper. Also, make sure to wash the clipper with a sanitizer after you finish your job. Some people cover the infected toenail with nail paint, but doing that will only deteriorate your foot’s condition. If you are suffering from a toenail fungus, then avoid wearing shoes for an extended period. It would help if you also stay away from socks. Wear a comfortable pair of slippers or flip flops.

A diet rich in probiotics

A fungal infection can reoccur in many cases. You can use antifungal ointments and powders available at the medical store, but they will only cure the problem for a brief period. If you want to attack the infection and destroy it with its roots, I recommend you make significant changes in your diet.

Any disease is directly or indirectly related to the food that we eat. Similarly, we can get rid of that disease with alterations in our food. Any food that enters your body will break down into nutrients and will nourish the body accordingly. For instance, a diet rich in vitamin C will eventually benefit the skin and the immune system.

Similarly, your diet will affect the problem of toenail fungus as well. A balanced and nourishing diet will keep the entire body in sync and will eradicate the diseases. Eat foods that are rich in probiotics. Foods like yogurt, kimchi, kombucha tea, pickles, etc. are beneficial in eradicating fungal infections.

Their high probiotic levels will make your body more immune to certain fungi. A[rt from these natural sources, you can also opt for probiotic supplements. We have mentioned the most effective supplements above, which will be beneficial for you.

How do probiotics work on toenail fungus?

The primary purpose that these probiotics serve is that they increase the growth of good bacteria in the body. Our intestines are an ecosystem for some bacterias. These bacteria help in promoting proper digestion. Our gut acts as a breeding ground for these bacteria.

They are less in number in the case of some people. Their quantity decreases because of numerous reasons. Battling a prolonged illness can be the reason for this decrease. If you have gone through a disease that has attacked your immune system, then you are more likely to lose some of these healthy bacteria. After an ailment like typhoid, many people have to take probiotics to increase the population of good bacteria in their bodies.

If you have recently gone through a course that includes antibiotics, you are more likely to suffer an imbalance in your body’s probiotics. These medicines are beneficial for many reasons. They ward off many diseases related to bacteria. But, they also hinder the growth of good bacteria.

A lot of people see the development of toenail fungus right after finishing an anti-bacterial course. In such scenarios, you should go for probiotic supplements as they can be a quick source of increasing healthy bacteria in your gut. These supplements remove the toxic matter from our gastrointestinal system. After this removal, our digestive region promotes the growth of healthy and beneficial probiotics. Once this good bacteria returns in our body, it starts showing its benefits in no time.

Who should not take probiotics

Probiotics are famous only for their positive effects. But they can be harmful to a certain number of people. As some probiotic-rich food sources are dairy products, they can be detrimental to lactose-intolerant people. Some people who suffer from an allergy-related to milk or any dairy product should also not take such probiotics.

Some supplement tablets also have a specific amount of milk products in them. You should read the contents of a supplement before buying them. Always consult your dietitian or doctor before making such a purchase. You may suffer bloating or gas after taking probiotics. This uneasiness can be temporary, and your body might adjust to it. Lactose intolerant people should go for dairy-free supplements that are available in the market. Some natural products are also recommended, like kombucha tea.

In conclusion, a healthy gut will result in a disease-free body. Taking care of a toenail fungus is easy with some minor changes in the diet. Including probiotics in your food intake should be the norm.


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