Whether you are working in California or New York, you need to be financially protected if you get injured while working. Worker’s compensation exists for this reason and it servers as a protection for the employee, however, the laws revolving around these benefits can be quite difficult to comprehend.

This is why you should turn to your legal representative if a workplace accident made you completely unable to support yourself and your family members. Some jobs are naturally more dangerous than other ones, however, workers can get injured on the job at any time and at any place.

Of course, there is a wide range of workplace injuries that you might suffer and if you are interested in learning about the most common ones reported, this article might help. Let’s take a closer look at the list of the eight, most common injuries that occur at a workplace:

1. Brain And Neurological

Vehicle accidents, drops from high platforms, falling items and equipment, slips, machinery collisions, and falls can cause extreme injuries to the brain and head. Besides keeping us alive, it also controls all functions, which means that any injury to this important organ can have long-lasting effects on someone’s life.

2. The Spinal Cord And Back

Besides brain injuries, the most serious ones that employees can sustain are ones to the spinal cord and back. This is something that can impact every, single aspect of a person’s life. Depending on what area you hurt and the extent of it, you might lose feeling, functions, or strength in some parts of your body. If you want to see more info on what you can do when you experience this injury, check out Foyle Legal.

3. Broken Bones

There is a wide range of bone fractures you can get, which means that the time you need for treating it and recovering afterward will depend on several things, including how intensive the break was and its type. This means that you might not be able to work for a long period of time while your bone heals.

4. Knee And Elbow

These are, perhaps, the most frequent injuries that happen on construction sites, warehouses, fast-food & nursing industries. Employees how need to be on their feet for a long time or carry heavy items are at higher risk of obtaining an elbow or knee injury. These include sprains, torn muscles, and shattered caps – which can lead to chronic inflammation and pain.

5. Shoulder

Whether it occurred from repetitive movements or from accident, you might have experienced a fracture, impingement, or tears. Shoulder injuries are quite serious and most of them do require surgery and extensive rehabilitation, which can, again, hinder you from returning to work.

6. Neck

These can occur from a sudden accident or it can also develop over a long period of time. They can be a consequence of a wide range of conditions including vehicle collisions, slips, falls, falling items, tools & equipment. Additionally, they can occur if your motions are repetitive.

7. The Eyes

Even if you did wear protective glasses, masks, and other equipment that can protect your face, you might have experienced eye conditions, wounds, or injuries. Damages to the eyes can cause a brief loss of vision, and in some circumstances, it can cause permanent blindness.

8. Loss of Limbs

This can occur from accidents, especially heavy machinery accidents, as well as other extreme trauma that could result in someone to loss of one or several limbs. This is, of course, an injury that is quite serious and it will most definitely affect how people live. This is why it is important for all employers to properly train workers and to implement strict safety rules and regulations.

So, What Are My Legal Options?

If you get hurt while working, you should never ignore it. Although it might seem small at first, it can lead to additional complications. Whatever situation you are in, you will need to inform your manager or employer and seek medical help right away. The legal options that you can choose include:

1. Workers’ Compensation

If you got injured while you are working, you are probably eligible for receiving compensation from the workers’ compensation laws and regulations. This means that you’ll receive benefits from the insurance program that you can use for paying your medical bills and to be covered for the things you need while you are recovering.

2. A Third-Party Claim

If you were injured by a third-party like a contractor, someone who is not a worker at your company, or a faulty product or machine, you might be eligible for filing a claim again the company or person that hurt you. These claims can often cover medical bills, pain, suffering, as well as lost wages.

3. A Claim Against Your Boss

One of the main reasons why the worker compensation law was implemented is because it hinders employees from suing their bosses. But, in some situations – particularly ones that revolve around them being reckless – you might be eligible to file a claim against your boss.

What to Consider When Hiring a Lawyer?

There are some things that you should consider when hiring a lawyer, including:

1. Their Experience – you do not want to hire someone that has no experience with claiming the aforementioned lawsuits, which is why you should always check whether or not they are experienced enough. Hence, ensure that you check their educational background and if they do not have any info on their website, do not choose that lawyer.

2. The Reviews – you’ll also want to check the experience people had with a particular lawyer. This is why you should check the reviews on their website, as well as other websites in order to ensure that they will do a proper job when representing you in court or filing your claim.


As you can see, there is a wide range of injuries that you can sustain while at your workplace. If you, unfortunately, found yourself in one of these situations, you should immediately contact your legal representative, especially since you’ll be eligible for the workers’ compensation. So, do not lose any more time, and contact a lawyer right away.


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