Mexican Appetizers
Mexican Appetizers

Exploring foods may be a new thing in your life. If you have grown tired of familiar dishes, perhaps you should dip into some other meals that come from the other parts of the world. Mexico is famous for rich and spicy food, and we present you  delicious Mexican appetizers.

1. Layered buffalo chicken nachos with creamy gorgonzola sauce

All you need for this easy Mexican appetizer is some chicken leftovers, crunchy chips with melted cheese and velvety avocado. Mix them up and enjoy.

Layered buffalo chicken nachos with creamy gorgonzola sauce                              Layered buffalo chicken nachos with creamy gorgonzola sauce

2. Jalapeno chicken warps

Wrap bacon around jalapenos and strips of chicken, and you will get an instant hit for the entire family. Serve the dish with blue cheese or ranch dressing.

Jalapeno chicken warps                                                                                                Jalapeno chicken warps

3. Queso fundido with chorizo

This dip is perfect when you are watching a game. It is loaded with chorizo, jalapenos and a splash of tequila and all you need is sturdy chips to scoop it.

Queso fundido with chorizo                                                                                           Queso fundido with chorizo

4. Mini phyllo tacos

Tacos don’t need to be big. You can make the small ones, and the recipe is the same as for the regular-sized tacos. They are just as delicious and as the big ones and a lot cuter.

Mini phyllo tacos                                                                                                   Mini phyllo tacos

5. Pulled pork taquitos with chipotle ranch dipping sauce

Roll corn tortillas around slow-cooked pulled pork and shredded cheese, and you will get a tasty Mexican appetizer.

Pulled pork taquitos with chipotle ranch dipping sauce                                             Pulled pork taquitos with chipotle ranch dipping sauce

6. Margarita granite with spicy shrimp

The combination of the frozen margarita and the seasoned grilled shrimp is just perfect. It may not sound good at first, but once you make it, you will enjoy this meal so much.

Margarita granite with spicy shrimp                                                                 Margarita granite with spicy shrimp

7. Chicken, spinach, pepper jack enchiladas

To make this appetizer, you will need sweet onion, green chiles, cream cheese and shredded Cheddar Jack. Stuff all of that into tortillas and pour salsa verde on top of it for an even tastier dish!

Chicken, spinach, pepper jack enchiladas                                                            Chicken, spinach, pepper jack enchiladas

8. Huevos diablos

The deviled eggs in a Mexican way are no different than regular deviled eggs. However, if you add jalapenos, you get a traditional Mexican appetizer.

Huevos diablos                                                                                                        Huevos diablos

9. Grilled pepper poppers

Mix goat cheese, parmesan, and cream cheese and put it in a jalapeno to get a bite-sized Mexican appetizer worthy of every occasion.

Grilled pepper poppers                                                                                      Grilled pepper poppers

10. Fried jalapenos

If you are a fan of the spicy foods, you should know that there is a large number of ways in which you can use the jalapenos. Fry them, and you will not be able to have enough of this.

Fried jalapenos                                                                                                        Fried jalapenos

11. Black bean and sweet corn guacamole dip

The bean dip with earthy guacamole and sweet corn kernels can be enhanced by adding Cojita cheese. With or without the cheese, this is one tasty appetizer everyone will adore.

Black bean and sweet corn guacamole dip                                                                 Black bean and sweet corn guacamole dip

12. Grilled street corn

The grilled street corn is easy to make. All you need to do is grill
the corn and cover it with the cheese mixture. If you are in a rush, you can always make this tasty dish perfect each time, especially with a high performance grill like some of the reviewed models by Outdoor Cooking Pros.

Grilled street corn                                                                                                 Grilled street corn

13. Mini Chicken Chimichangas

This classic Mexican appetizer requires some deep frying and a filling of corn, salsa, shredded chicken and melted cheese.

Mini Chicken Chimichangas                                                                                             Mini Chicken Chimichangas

14. Spicy refried beans

The ingredients you need for this quick but tasty appetizer are a can of refried beans, a jalapeno, cheese, and seasoning. Serve it with the tortilla chips and your guests will love it.

Spicy refried beans                                                                                              Spicy refried beans

15. 7-Layer Mexican Dip

Mexican dips are the best. This one requires sliced black olives, tomatoes and green onions on top of it and you will get a good-looking and delicious appetizer. For a smoky flavor, add chipotle powder.

7-Layer Mexican Dip                                                                                       7-Layer Mexican Dip


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