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China is the land of many widely famous riches that have reached the far ends of the world. One of the things they introduced to the world centuries ago is tea. Chinese tea is special, and different from any other modern tea from other countries.

It contains various special substances including tea polyphenol and theine, both of which are quite beneficial to the overall health of our bodies. For these and many other things, Chinese tea is a favorite for many. In this article, we will see exactly why it has such a huge and wide following. Read on to learn about the seven amazing wonders it does for us. If you want to learn even more about Chinese tea, check out HeyChina.

It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are a problem that millions of people have to deal with. For some people who are elderly and/or overweight, things like hypertension, cholesterol, and stroke are a serious threat that can happen to them. This is where those polyphenols that Chinese tea contains come in. They are one of the main components of various teas, and it greatly helps in reducing the symptoms of hypertension, cholesterol, strokes, while keeping the normal blood sugar levels.

According to the latest research carried out in Great Britain, if you drink more than 3 cups of Chinese tea per day reduces the risks of getting myocardial infarction by 70 percent. Similar researches from Finland and France have shown that 2 to 3 cups of tea per day lower the probability stroke. Our advice to all is to drink at least 5 to 6 cups of green Chinese tea, especially if you really want to take the best advantage of it against cardiovascular diseases.

 It also reduces the risk of diabetes

Similarly to the previous paragraph, Chinese tea helps with the remission of diabetes and other such discomforts. In an extensive research of over 17,000 females and males aged of ages between 40 and 65, it was found that people drink more than six cups of green tea each day experience a reduction of as much as 33 percent of developing diabetes, than those who only drink one cup of Chinese tea a week.

This is a much larger intake, but it is a beneficial one. With polyphenols, tea polysaccharides, and microelement, teas like green tea, black tea and white tea are among the best solutions for people who suffer from diabetes attacks. On the other hand, drinking heavy tea should be avoided.

 It helps with weight loss

As one of the main factors, theine is the biggest contributor to weight loss when we talk Chinese herbal tea. Since it promotes gastric juice secretion, it helps our bodies with digestion and enhances the fat decomposing ability of our digestive tract.

A regular daily habit of drinking Chinese tea has proven to make your waistline slimmer and your BMI lower. If you want to become and stay fit, apart from other things, start drinking black tea, oolong tea, green tea, or Pu’er tea. Better yet, drink one of each every day and enjoy your new body. 

 It can improve your memory

We now move on to the next beneficial ingredient of Chinese tea. Improving your memory is always welcome and tea polyphenols. Can give you a longer lasting memory because they improve your brain condition. This makes the faculty of your memory better while enhancing both the learning and the working load and efficiency.

The basis of human memory and learning ability is located in the central nervous system (CNS), and the complete conceptual activity lies there. Chinese tea plays a big role in making the system exciting and help you keep the mind fresh and clear during your everyday work and/or studies. Other tea is beneficial for your memory, so apart from green and black tea mentioned above, try peppermint tea as well.

 It is helpful with radiation resistance 

Thanks to official studies on tea polyphenols, we know they are capable of absorbing radiation from outside. It provides us with defense against the harmful radiation damage and relieves impaired cells.

Furthermore, some clinical studies showed that tea extracts could cure some light cases of radiation sickness, which was the result of radiation therapy in patients suffering from tumors. What is more, it also has a good effect on decrease of blood cells and leucocytes. For people who sit in front of a computer, or for those who work outside a lot, green tea, dark tea, and oolong tea can be helpful to make up for the amount of radiation they are exposed to. 

It improves bone density and muscle endurance 

Last but not least, Chinese tea is beneficial to our muscles and bones. Thanks to fluorine, plant estrogens and potassium, a denser bone condition can be achieved with tea, and we can avoid illnesses related to low sclerotin. Taiwanese research shows that tea-lovers have denser bones and a lower risk of hip and other fractures. Here, green tea is absolutely the best choice.

When it comes to muscle endurance, since Chinese tea contains an antioxidant catechin, our bodies burn fat quicker, relieving the fatigued feeling after a prolonged physical exercise. The more often you drink green tea, the more remarkable this effect is, meaning every active person and athlete should drink green tea.

Types of Chinese Tea

Green tea refreshes our mind and is great for cooling, loss of weight, cleaning of the palate, quenching thirst, and dysentery remising.

Black tea, or Chinese red tea, increases the appetite, eliminates edema, and strengthens cardiac functions.

Oolong tea can be used for face washing as it removes facial grease and is good for infection, narrowing of pores, skin-aging prevention. What is more, it works as a natural “sunscreen” since it protects the skin from UV damage.

White tea moistens the lungs, detoxifies, and lowers pressure. In addition, it helps with the discomforts caused by too much smoking and/or alcohol, overuse of lungs, and digestive dysfunction.

Yellow tea increases our digestion capabilities, builds an appetite, clears the heat, promotes secretion of saliva and other body fluids, and is best with radiation resistance.


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