Even though medical marijuana is nothing new, many people are still hesitant to accept that it can actually help them, which is why there are so many controversies about it, but the good thing is that things are changing for the better. That is why today, you can legally buy medical marijuana in more than 20 states across the US, but the entire process can be much easier if you have a certain card, as cannabis card benefits are vast, and more info on that you can find here. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain rules and limitations. That is why we created a list of must-know things about medical marijuana that you must know.

1. Laws differ in every state


When it comes to the usage of medical marijuana in the US, it can be pretty confusing as different states have different laws, and what is legal in one state does not necessarily be in others. That is why checking whether its usage and possession are legal and which conditions one can fulfill is a must if you do not want to face severe legal consequences that could easily be avoided.

2. Different categories of allowed products

Even if the usage of marijuana is allowed in some states, it is crucial to check the law further, as there are three different categories, and understanding them is necessary before buying any marijuana product.

In some countries, it is allowed only to use products that contain CBD and do not contain THC. For those who do not know, these two are the main components of marijuana, and while THC is the main culprit for a high feeling, CBD has proven to be one of the most efficient medicines for epilepsy. Besides that, CBD can release symptoms of some other conditions, which is why its usage is allowed.

In another category, we have states where the usage of medical marijuana is allowed and legal, and it is not limited only to products without THC. Of course, you need proof that these products are necessary and can help you improve your health or relieve symptoms of some chronic diseases. The only way to get that proof is to visit a doctor and ask them for a recommendation, as it is impossible to get medical marijuana if they do not think that it can really help. After getting a recommendation, it is crucial to apply for a cannabis card that allows you to buy medical marijuana from a retailer.

In some states, it is possible to buy marijuana even without a medical cannabis card, and the only condition is that you are an adult. It might look great, but it is never a good idea, as if someone thinks they have some chronic disease that can be treated with marijuana products, it is always better to visit a doctor than to try to find the cure on their own.

3. Legal age


Like with most things in the US, there is an age limit, and the same rules that apply to drinking alcohol apply to buying marijuana. Namely, you need to be at least 21in order to buy it legally because otherwise, it’s illegal. Of course, it’s not like you can buy it anywhere, as that’s simply not optional in states where doing so isn’t legalized. Overall, to avoid any inconveniences and legal trouble, it’s crucial to do at least a bit of research and get all the facts before buying it. That is the only way to be sure that we are not doing anything against the law.

4. Policies while at work

Now, this is where problems might occur, as even though you can legally buy and smoke marijuana in 29 states, most companies have strict rules about using this substance. Namely, there are thousands of cases where employees have lost their job because they tested positive for this substance, even in states where pot is legal. There is much dispute against such policies and whether they have any grounds law-wise, but it’s still something you need to check and go through thoroughly before using marijuana.

Of course, we are talking about employees that show up sober for work, as in any other case, you will be crossing every work ethic and etiquette while at work. So, never smoke marijuana while at work, and more importantly, before doing so in your free time, check the company policy regarding this issue.

5. Tax rate


Okay, everyone knows that when some product is taxed, its price increases, which is also the case with marijuana. That is why even in states where it’s legalized, there are many illegal ways to obtain it. The tax rate is pretty high, meaning that if you come across a shop where the price is much lower, the chances are high that there is some legal wrongdoing. So, once again, to avoid unpleasant situations, always check whether the shop is legal or not. Another thing to keep in mind is that the price of medical marijuana is much lower, meaning that you should pay much less if you have a prescription for buying it.

6. Crossing the borders

Even if you travel to the state where medical marijuana is legal, it is never a good idea to pass the border lines between two states with a pot in your purse. Even if you have a medical cannabis card, it might seem suspicious, and since it is illegal, one can easily face severe legal consequences and be prevented from entering the state. Instead of bringing pot to another state, it is much better to check whether they recognize a cannabis card and buy enough supplies there. However, it is important only to buy the amount you can spend there, as it won’t be possible to bring it back to your state.

7. Smoking in public places


This one is a bit tricky because most people think that since it is legalized, they can smoke and consume it just anywhere, but that’s not the case. The law forbids such actions in public places, even in states where you can go and buy them legally. Understandably, this applies to gatherings in public parks as well, as you can get fined for doing so if anyone sees and reports you.


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