Your home is a place that binds you and your family together. After a hectic day, people come back to their homes in the hope to get relaxation. However, when your environment contains dust or dirt, it isn’t at all relaxing. It becomes your responsibility to change this atmosphere into a healthier one for yourself and other family members.

When we talk about enhancing our health, we generally focus on our diet, sleeping patterns, and exercise. But, when it comes to our homes, it is a different case. To build a healthier environment at your house, you need to filter out the dirt or pollutants, plant some greenery to purify the air, etc.

1. Get some indoor plants


Plants provide a beautiful green touch to your house and help in purifying the air inside it. NASA scientists have found a specific variety of indoor plants capable of removing pollutants like xylene, formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. You can also use plants like peace lilies, Madagascar dragon trees, Chinese evergreens, and ferns to decorate your place.

2. Make sure to drink only filtered water

Most of the diseases we suffer through are caused by drinking unfit water. First of all, call the local department to test your water’s quality. Install a water filter at your home that is capable of removing pollutants like radium and ammonia. You can fill the reusable water bottles with filtered water to take them along with you while traveling.

3. Be aware of fragranced products


Fragranced things like perfumes, laundry detergents, air fresheners, cleaning products, etc., should be avoided. Try to avoid anything that has fragrance because sometimes they can be harmful and can even cause allergic reactions. In the USA, consumer products don’t have an ingredient list mentioned on them, making it difficult for people to choose the product.

4. Let fresh air enter your home

Opening the curtains and the windows of your house not only allows the fresh air and sunlight to enter your place but also pulls out polluted indoor air. According to research, if you don’t allow enough outside air to enter your house, the pollutants inside will accumulate inside your home. The level of this accumulation will keep on increasing and can cause severe health issues. Letting outdoor air come inside is the best way to ventilate your home and keep the pollutants away.

5. Don’t let molds grow in your house


You will not find any particular way in which you can completely restrict the growth of a mold. However, to minimize its development, you have to control the moisture inside your place. To reduce humidity up to 60%, you can use dehumidifiers, exhaust fans in our kitchen, and air conditioners.

All the ways mentioned above will help you prevent mold growth and different parts of your home. For more information, visit

6. Diffusing essential oil everywhere in your place

Essential oils help improve your mood and relieve you from headaches and provide a very calming effect to a place. We recommend using orange oil to promote calmness and positivity in your spirit, whereas for relaxing yourself, use lavender oil.

Purchase a diffuser that can help spread the aroma of the essential oil throughout your house. The pleasant vapors that come out of the diffusers are enough to provide relaxation to your mind. You can buy a diffuser that automatically turns off after the oils run out, so you don’t have to worry about it.

7. Wash your bed sheets regularly


A healthy house is where you have fit bedrooms. Humans shed approximately 500 million cells daily plus pollen, fungi, sweat, and mold. We take all of these with us to the bed. So, it becomes vital to keep up with the laundry and wash the bedsheets quite often. Also, when any of your family members have the flu, then the bed sheets need to be changed immediately.

8. Replacement of vacuum cleaner

This step is essential for you, especially if you have pets at your home. The vacuum cleaner is necessary to keep your house free of dander. Replace your vacuum cleaner with a new one to make sure that it is working correctly. You can change the vacuum cleaner on the recommendation of its manufacturer. When your cleaner begins leaving trails of scraps and dust behind, then it is time for you to replace it to keep your house a healthy one.

9. Disinfect your children’s toys often


Being a parent means a lot of responsibilities and demanding jobs. When children play with their toys, they are least aware that their toys can catch germs and mold easily. These germs can quickly enter the body of children and cause infections. So, we highly recommend you wash all the soft toys and sanitize the hard toys at least once a week.

10. Swapping out the cutting boards

Do you know that your chopping board is also a ground for bacterias? Replace the plastic chopping boards after it gets messy with cuts or marks by the knife. According to research, it was found that plastic boards contain more bacteria than wooden ones. It is almost impossible to disinfect the cutting board after it has got bad scratches on it.

These harmful bacterias can transfer from your boards to the knife. This can put your family at risk of foodborne diseases. So, it is better to swap out your chopping boards before anyone in your family catches illness due to it. In case you cannot work without a cutting board, make sure to use the wooden one and keep replacing it frequently.

To Sum Up

Keeping your house healthy is essential to keep yourself and your family members away from many diseases and infections. Check out our list of how you can make your home environment healthier. We would also like to hear from you. Comment down below and tell us how you want to make your home a safer and a better place to live.


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