Have you ever wondered why anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problems that many people suffer from? To begin with, anxiety isn’t caused or developed by a single aspect but a mishmash of things.

Experts from suggest that fctors like physical health, challenging life experiences and behavior factors do play an important role. When the condition becomes epidemic, our bodies recompense for that. It exhibits in all kinds of ways including reproductive concerns, gastrointestinal distress, moodiness and restlessness.

Many people aren’t sure how to handle anxiety and when and how to see a doctor. There are many things to consider when seeking professional help. To find out more information on what happens when you are in the ER for anxiety, click here.


Anyhow, it costs nations billions a year! And hence patients are looking for a cure through traditional health care. It seems like whatever the medical doctors are counselling or prescribing isn’t working so well.

Here is our next question. Have you ever known that plant-based essential oils are being in use over centuries for aiding health, including stress and anxiety?

Aromatherapy, also known as essential oil therapy, is a therapeutic management where oils from natural plants are harvested and used for remedial purposes. The essential oils can be used for improving the emotional well-being of an individual as they are easily absorbed by our skin and senses. Aromatherapy has showed to improve the emotional as well as physical health in people and hence, has gained more recognition in the fields of medicine recently.

Aromatherapy is majorly used for treating conditions related to anxiety disorders. Essential oils are extracted from different plants including their roots. There are several types of essential oils available, each one having their own unique remedial properties and fragrance.

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How Does Aromatherapy work in Anxiety Treatment?

Essential oils, when inhaled or absorbed through the skin, results in physiological and psychological effects. They contain highly concentrated and active plant essence that offer quick results. It has been found that the components found in essential oils quickly enter the bloodstream when applied to the skin directly.

Our limbic system is known for controlling our emotions. When we smell something pleasant, our nose cells collect the aroma particles and directly send a signal to our limbic system in the brain. This is the reason why smelling essential oils prompts feelings including the sense of pleasure, satisfaction, happiness, or harmony.

In addition to eliciting emotions, our brain’s limbic system is connected directly to several different cords of brain that controls hormone stability, anxiety levels, memory, breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. Exposing the limbic system with the aroma of certain essential oils can help in balancing the emotions and aid the limbic system controls to function properly.

Best Ways to Use Essential Oils for Treating Anxiety

It is advised to use essential oils in their diluted form as they are highly concentrated and may cause certain side effects. You might choose to apply the oils directly to your skin, inhale, or dispense the aroma in your home. Here are some ways to use essential oils to your benefit.


The skin easily absorbs essential oils; hence, you can use them as part of the massage. Then again, you can’t use it in its concentrated form. Dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice like sweet almond oil or apricot kernel oil. Keep the essential oil/ carrier oil ratio 5:10 (in ml).


You can use essential oil in your bathing ritual as well. Add 5-7 drops of essential oil in the water and soak yourself in the bathtub. It will help you relax.

Distribute the aroma in your home

You can use an oil diffuser or an oil burner to dispense the scent in your home.


For convenient usage, you can put a drop or two of the essential oil of your choice on your shirt’s collar. Or you can keep a handkerchief in your pocket that has the essential oil aroma.

Which essential oils are beneficial for treating anxiety disorders?

As said, there are several different essential oils available and all have a different effect on your body. Below down is a list of certain essential oils that have a positive influence on our mental health.

Basil oil is beneficial for strengthening the nervous system, for treating nervous tension, depression, and panic disorders.
Bergamot oil works as a sedative that helps calm the nervous system while treating conditions like depression, insomnia, anxiety, and nervous tension.
Marjoram oil also works as a sedative that helps deal with depression and boost self-esteem.
Geranium oil works as a nervine that supports the nervous system and helps fight depression and anxiety.
Sage is especially recommended for individuals dealing with depression.

Remember, there is not much on essential oils that proves their effectiveness on treating mental disorders. Hence, it is important that you continue with your medication and treatment as prescribed by your doctor and if necessary, you can ask your doctor about the use of essential oils.

A blind application may cause side effects, as there is no assurance regarding the ingredients. Some may cause allergic reactions as well.


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