If you are someone who has lost their teeth, implants are the most sought solution as an effective teeth replacement. These dentures offer the best kind of support to those who undergo the treatment and offer better functioning than traditional dentures. Apart from the generic working, the implants help preserve the jawbone underneath the teeth. It is something that you cannot expect out of any regular denture.

Whenever there is a single tooth replacement, the dental implants work like a screw and serve the replacement purpose. If it is a single crown or fully grown prosthetic teeth, dental implants are a reliable option for all patients, including the ones who lack teeth.

Working Of Dental Implants

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Dental implants work when there should be proper availability of bone structure so that the implants are held properly in the designated place. The success of an implant relies on the healthiness of the healthy bone tissue.

The implants are placed into the jaw. It is the stage where the bone fuses with the osseointegration are the implant post begins. The overall process takes 6-9 months to complete. During this time, whenever the implant is accepted within the jaw, it becomes a permanent fixture within the mouth. Also, titanium is a product of titanium. For those who don’t know, titanium is a unique metal that can help fuse with the living bone within the mouth. If you are getting this for the first time, you should know that the implants will last for a lifetime. However, longevity does not mean that you should not take precautions or take careful measures to maintain your implants.

So, it is important to have healthy bone tissue.

How Much Of A Bone Is Needed

In generic circumstances, 1mm of the bone inside the mouth is required for dental implants. However, the case might not be the same in all cases. In this case, more space is needed when an implant is next to the normal tooth or another implanted tooth. In such a case, you need a 2-3mm long bone.

So, in simple terms, the bone should be long enough so that the implant can be completely submerged in the jaw and does not cause any problems immediately or with time. Also, the right bone size will render enough space at the bone’s bottom and helps in letting the implant stay in its territory. It ensures that the implant does not interfere with other mouth structures, natural or treated ones.

What If The Right Bone Size Is Not Available

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There can be chances that the ideal bone size is not available during the process. It can push you into thinking about the next remedy or steps you need. When such an issue arises, bone grafting is a viable option that helps build healthy bone before the implant occurs.

In grafting, the process includes taking the tissue from a living tissue for any body part. In case it is not available, it can be taken from a donor, from an animal bone, or even by using a synthetic bone. All this is done to enhance the bone volume, a part of the jaw where the implants need to be done. The grafting process will take 6-9 months to complete, and after this process, the implants can be placed inside the tooth.

The rule of thumb is that you need to ensure proper spacing so that there is such interference inside the mouth. The absence of enough bone space can be because of the following reasons:

  • Mouth injuries
  • Lack of oral health
  • Gum diseases
  • Oral infection
  • And trauma, amongst others

Also, the lack or availability of the right bone size is a natural process. So, you are not alone in the process. You need to pay attention to your oral health.

However, it would help if you were careful while thinking of implants in the case of the upper jaw. In such a scenario, too, there has to be sufficient room vertically. There should not be any compromise related to the same. But, if space is not available, the remedy is available in the form of a sinus lift. The sinus lift will help rebuild the bone within the prescribed area and ensures a good degree of success for the effectiveness and longevity of the implant surgery.

The measurements for the bone size before the implant process is possible. It includes examination through discussion of papers and using correct measures like images and x-rays. When you get such images, you can see whether the right bone size is available. You can take further steps accordingly.

Working Of A Dental Implant Within The Mouth

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As a popular solution to missing teeth, dental implants have been sought as the best available remedy. They are long-term and bring better things to the table when you compare them to other solutions like crowns or dentures.

Implants are unique in how they are placed in the missing corners of your mouth. The idea behind using implants is to help dental patients with an effective solution for the long term. Dental processes are expensive, and this works like a one-time investment.

But, the benefits of this solution bring along some challenges. The biggest challenge is the availability of enough bone. An absence of the same and overlooking the same can lead to the failure of such processes. The jawbone is needed for implants to render the right step for catering to patients’ dental health.

However, amid all the benefits and goodness, you need to check with your dentist whether this is the right solution for your teeth. You should not take the step if your doctor does not recommend it.


Determining the right bone size is important before you move forward with implants. It is an important step, and you are not advised to proceed without ensuring the bone size in the mouth. It would help if you took the advice of your dentist positively. They will help you in the overall process of having a successful implant treatment.


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