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Top Stories — October 22, 2015
Infineon CEO Says Robot Cars Will Drive Semiconductor Demand
Infineon's CEO, Reinhard Ploss, says that the autonomously driven cars of the future will create a large demand for a variety of new semiconductors and sensors.
Mentor Graphics Tackles SoC Design Challenges
System-on-a-chip designs are complex endeavors, and they are growing more complicated by the day. Mentor Graphics is cognizant of the many challenges in SoC design and is working to ease the troubles of chip designers.
Applied Materials Prospers in CMP, Deposition, Etch
The company, founded in 1967, has a Silicon Systems Group which last year accounted for 66 percent of Applied's revenue. The SSG includes a number of other wafer fab equipment categories, such as epitaxy, ion implantation, metrology and wafer inspection, rapid thermal processing, and wet cleaning.
Mask Conference Highlights Progress in Lithography
Harry J. Levinson, senior director of technology research at GlobalFoundries, took "Lithography and Mask Challenges at the Leading Edge" as the theme for his keynote presentation Tuesday morning, opening the SPIE Photomask Technology 2015 conference in Monterey, California.
SPIE Photomask Panel: Money Is An Issue
"Money (That's What I Want)" could have been the theme song for playing off the EUV Mask Readiness panel discussion on Thursday morning (October 1) at the SPIE Photomask Technology conference in Monterey, California.
GlobalFoundries CTO Calls for Innovation in Chip Materials
Gary Patton, chief technology officer of GlobalFoundries and head of the company's worldwide research and development, called for innovation in chip materials in his keynote address on Tuesday at SEMI's Strategic Materials Conference in Mountain View, Calif.
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News & Features
Solid State Technology's Latest Issue
The October issue of SST features articles on wafer bonding, the future of MEMS in the IoT, sapphire, vacuum pumping, 2D materials, and more.
Historic Era of Consolidation for Chip Makers
We are in a historic era for consolidation among semiconductor manufacturers. Included in the announced mergers and acquisitions this year alone are: Avago bought Broadcom, NXP agreed to buy Freescale, Dialog announced its acquisition of Amtel, Microchip Technology bought Micrel.
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Materials Matters
Advanced Node Semiconductor Materials Reliance on SQC
One tool Linde uses to ensure that their suppliers meet meticulous quality requirements is Statistical Quality Control (SQC): ...
IC Design
Design Rule Checking for Silicon Photonics
The silicon photonics integrated circuit (PIC) holds the promise of providing breakthrough improvements to data communications, telecommunications, supercomputing, ...
Ed's Threads
Leti Shows MEMS on 300mm Wafers
As reported by EETimes from the European MEMS Summit last month, French research institute CEA-Leti has manufactured accelerometer ...
Insights From Leading Edge
IFTLE 257: IC Insights' McClean Report Forecast Revisions
For nearly two decades, the industry has eagerly awaited the yearly release (early in the first quarter of each year) of the so called "McClean report" issued by IC Insights
Pete's Posts Blog
IoT Surveys Indicate Optimism, Confusion
Recent surveys indicate much optimism about how the IoT will benefit the semiconductor industry, but there's some confusion ...
Applied Innovation
3D NAND Goes Mainstream
Earlier this month, I participated in a panel discussion with colleagues from Cypress, Micron, Samsung and SK Hynix ...
Apple Watch and ASE Start New Era in SiP
Back in April the Apple watch appeared in our labs, and of course we pulled it apart to ...
ASN's All Things SOI
GF's 22nm FD-SOI Offering - Where to Get Lots of Excellent Info
A fast-growing body of information is now posted by GlobalFoundries on their new 22nm FD-SOI offering.
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Solid State Watch: August 21-27, 2015
New ams fab going to Marcy, NY: Startups and small electronics companies spent $78.3 billion on semiconductors in 2014; Pure-play foundry sales forecast to grow to all-time high in 4Q15; University of Colorado and SRC research accelerates microscopic imaging for next-generation nanoelectronics
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White Papers
RF-SOI Wafers for Wireless Applications
The increasing demand for wireless data bandwidth and the emergence of LTE and LTE Advanced standards pushes radio-frequency (RF) IC designers to develop devices with higher levels of integrated RF functions, meeting more and more stringent specification levels. The substrates on which those devices are manufactured play a major role in achieving that level of performance.
DFM: What is it and what will it do?
Everybody's talking about it, but just what is DFM? According to various EDA company websites, design for manufacturing can be: generation of yield optimized cells; layout compaction; wafer mapping optimization; planarity fill; or, statistical timing among other definitions. Obviously, there is very little consensus. For me, DFM is what makes my job hard: Characterizing it, and developing tools for it, is the most important item on my agenda.
Via Doubling to Improve Yield
In nanometer designs, the number of single vias, and the number of via transitions with minimal overlap, can contribute significantly to yield loss. Yet doubling every via leads to other yield-related problems and has a huge impact on design size. While there is still concern over of how many vias can be fixed without rerouting and without creating DRC violations, the Calibre via doubling tool can identify via transitions and recommend areas for second via insertion without increasing area.
The Impact Of 14-nm Photomask Uncertainties on Computational Lithography Solutions
Certain measurement methodologies can be inaccurate even if they're precise, and there are known errors associated with certain system parameters.
A Study Of Model-Based Etch Bias Retarget For OPC
The etch loading effect is the dominant factor that impacts final CD control at advanced nodes with shrinking critical dimension.
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