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IN THIS ISSUE — MAY 24, 2011
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The Future Of Memory
New materials, technology, processes and equipment mean big changes for future versions of memory, according to speakers at the IEEE International Memory Workshop in Monterey, Calif. 3D NAND structures, now being developed by Hynix, Samsung, and Toshiba, could be ready in two years, one expert said.
RRAM R&D Advances Reported at MRS Meeting
Advances in RRAM R&D were included in over 40 papers at the spring Materials Research Society (MRS) meeting, including oxides of Ti, Zn, and Ni as the most popular switching elements. HP appears to be still leading the pack, using either Ti or Ta oxide.
GlobalFoundries Gives Fab 8 Progress Report
Construction is nearly done at the new 300-mm fab in Malta, N.Y., said GlobalFoundries Fab 8 general manager Norm Armour. Automation systems are in place, and the first process tools will be installed in June, he said in a keynote speech at the ASMC conference.
Experts: Intel's Tri-gate Not Easy to Match
Experts, including Scott Thompson at the University of Florida, Chenming Hu from the University of California at Berkeley, and Klaus Schuegraf of Applied Materials, said Intel's tri-gate accomplishment requires complex epi and patterning steps. Intel may have more than a five-year lead in bringing a finFET structure to market, said Thompson, who earlier worked in technology development at Intel.
Intel: Tri-gate Advantages "Worth the Effort"
Intel spent the last few years working on the manufacturing challenges required to use its tri-gate transistor at the 22nm node. "The principal difficulty is maintaining the integrity of the fin," said Kaizad Mistry, 22nm program manager.
Intel Going Vertical for 22nm Transistors
Intel said it will use a vertical tri-gate architecture on its 22nm products. Intel senior fellow Mark Bohr said "the real advantage of going off into the third dimension is lower voltages, lower leakage." The upcoming "Ivy Bridge" line of MPUs is based on the 22nm technology.
AMAT to Buy Implant Leader Varian for $4.9B
Applied Materials plans to acquire Varian for $4.9 billion, adding the dominant company in ion implant equipment to AMAT's Silicon Systems Group. The combined company will bring more resources to development of new transistor architectures and to opportunities in solar, LEDs, and flat panel displays, Applied CEO Mike Splinter said.
Novellus Sees Order Pushouts, Record Profit
Novellus said two customers pushed out orders for semiconductor equipment in the face of concerns over the Japan quake, rising oil prices, and high U.S. debt. The longer term trend remains good, said CEO Rick Hill.
Experts Debate Acceptance of 28nm Technology
At a panel discussion at the Semico Summit, executives debated how companies will use 28nm technology. While many large companies will quickly adopt it, some panelists questioned how many "fast followers" will move to the 28nm technology.
Wolters Introduces Gap Measurement for Double-Side Wafer Polishing
Novellus subsidiary Peter Wolters introduced gap measurement technology for double-side silicon prime wafer polishing (DSP). The advances are incorporated in the company's AC2000-P³ system.
IEDM to Emphasize Nanodevices, C-D Interactions
The 2011 IEDM issued its call for papers, and said the meeting – planned for Dec. 5-7 in Washington, D.C. - will put additional emphasis on circuit-device interactions and emerging devices.
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