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SEMI Praises Passage of Bipartisan Manufacturing Innovation Act

SEMI praised the bipartisan effort in the United States Congress to pass the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation (RAMI) Act as part of the year-end spending package.  Since its introduction in August 2013, SEMI has been a champion and leading voice in support of the bill that would create public private partnerships to establish institutes for manufacturing innovation.

Sponsored by Senators Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Representatives Tom Reed (R-NY) and Joe Kennedy (D-MA), RAMI directs the Secretary of Commerce to support the establishment of institutes dedicated to improving U.S. competitiveness in manufacturing. These institutes are aimed at increasing domestic production and accelerating the development of an advanced manufacturing workforce.  Each institute will be a public-private partnership between industry, academia, and other relevant entities.  The institutes, which are required to be self-sustaining in seven years, will focus on a specific and unique manufacturing process, technology, or methodology.

“SEMI members produce sophisticated and advanced equipment, materials and technology for the most complex manufacturing facilities around the world,” said SEMI president and CEO, Denny McGuirk. “That’s why we are so pleased to see bipartisan legislation be signed into law that will support industry development and jobs in the U.S.”

“This bill focuses our nation’s strengths toward a common goal: revitalization of American manufacturing and innovation,” Senator Sherrod Brown said. “When American manufacturing moves to other countries, we don’t just lose production — we lose innovation. A Network for Manufacturing Innovation would foster public-private partnerships that give small businesses, industry leaders, and research institutions the tools they need to compete on a global scale. These regional, industry-led hubs will leverage local expertise and will create thousands of high-paying, high-tech manufacturing jobs for American workers. We’ve seen it work in Youngstown, now it’s time to advance this effort nationwide.”

“Our bill is about ensuring America’s future as a world leader in advanced manufacturing by fostering two things: innovation and jobs,” said Representative Tom Reed, the House sponsor of the bill. “We are creating high-tech, high-paying manufacturing jobs not just for people today but for their children and for their children’s children —  so that generations of Americans far into the future will have opportunities to create and innovate here at home.”

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One Response to “SEMI Praises Passage of Bipartisan Manufacturing Innovation Act”

  1. Michael Clayton Says:

    Hopefully this effort will not be focused on the semiconductor industry primarily. We were too late with Sematech and SEMI efforts to save that industry in US, as manufacturing moved to TSMC primarily, and we lost the precision machine tool industry even longer ago, after WWII. Now we are about to lose the engineering design automation tool integration with the foundries to all those Berkeley grads who went back to China. But perhaps that process can be slowed, and perhaps a lifetime work permit system will be created for our university non-US-citizen graduates, rather than the HI-B “slave labor” system where those graduates are chained to one sponsor due to their “investment” costs.

    Meanwhile, I hope we will totally change the high school math and science and engineering experience for the best and brightest of our young citizens, with partnerships in industry during summer breaks, OR better yet, go to the German year-round 8 year system vs our 12 year part time system of education that invented “the teenager.” Those teens are young adults. Play time is over. Time to get ready for serious work, either apprenticeships or scholarships, both tracks respected, funded, and aligned with needs and abilties. Just my opinion.

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