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Innovation Not Enough

By Heinz Kundert, president, SEMI Europe

Heinz KundertWe often hear that innovation is the key to smart and sustainable growth for Europe. But history has shown that innovation alone is not enough to create sustainable growth and sufficient jobs. To achieve an acceptable return on investment in Europe, advanced manufacturing is indispensible. Therefore, it is good to see that the European Commission has clearly addressed this issue and we are pleased to see that progress is made! I strongly encourage you to review the video of European Commissioner Neelie Kroes with specific reference to the semiconductor industry: is encouraging our industry in Europe.

Semiconductor technology and devices are critical to Europe and must be prioritized on the EU agenda to keep leading European industries — such as automotive, telecom, industrial machinery, aerospace and defense — competitive. While SEMI recognizes that the European Commission is promoting the issue, the situation is urgent! Last year, SEMI recommended to the EC to declare the European semiconductor industry as “system relevant” and to provide a competitive playing field for the European Semiconductor Value Chain. Here again, progress has been thanks to the Key Enabling Technology (KET) initiative and High-Level Group that addressed the issue. Please, see the interim report that was released on February 9, under the following link:

View videos on industry competitiveness:

To learn about SEMI Europe’s next lobbying effort in action, please review the upcoming 5th SEMI Brussels Forum information. At SEMI Europe, we represent our member’s interests every day. We advocate for a competitive European semiconductor industry, and we welcome your support.

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