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Transition to ISO 9001:2015: Starting the Journey

The revised ISO 9001 quality management system provides guidelines to help materials providers achieve stringent purity and process control requirements in a structured and consistent manner.

Advanced Node Semiconductor Materials Reliance on SQC

One tool Linde uses to ensure that their suppliers meet meticulous quality requirements is Statistical Quality Control (SQC): the use of statistical methods to monitor and control a process.

Fabs Seeking Higher Quality Electronic Materials to Meet Technology Demands

IC technology step changes are driving electronic materials purity and analytical requirements. The bottom line? Materials suppliers must reduce variability and tighten control limits to help fabs meet market demands for more complex devices.

Larger Fabs + Smaller Devices = More Gases

More gases are needed to meet the increased demand for smaller, more complex devices, and the building of larger fabs.

The Increasing Demand for UHP Nitrogen and the SPECTRA Generator

The increasing need for high-purity nitrogen in making semiconductor devices has driven the capacity of SPECTRA nitrogen generators.

On-Site Hydrogen Solutions: Smart, Reliable, and Flexible

Semiconductor manufacturers are seeking on-site hydrogen solutions as a result of increasing volumes of hydrogen usage and the trend to build larger fabs in clusters at a single site.

New Approaches to Small Problems

The market expectations of modern electronics technology are changing the landscape in terms of performance and, in particular, power consumption, and new innovations are putting unprecedented demands on semiconductor devices.

The Greening of Semiconductors

There is an increasing demand for and focus on sustainable manufacturing that will contribute to a greening of semiconductors. This greening must be robust and responsive to change and cannot constrain the individual processes or operation of a fab.

Emerging Requirements for Electronic Materials Product Quality and Metrology

Technology changes in semiconductor processing and demands for higher-purity and better-characterized electronic materials have driven the need for advanced analytical metrology.

Gas Applications in Lithography

This article provides an overview of existing gas applications in lithography and how Linde is addressing customer needs now and for the future.

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