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TLIMS/SQC Process Control System

Driving a high performance organization (HPO) to achieve LeadIng status in the industry requires establishing more cost-effective Process Control Systems with linkage to higher-level business results. To that end, Linde Electronics is in the process of implementing a system capable of real-time monitoring and reporting, across the supply chain, for the production of specialty gases.

Automating our processes allows us to allocate a larger percent of our resources toward continuous improvement and strategic efforts:  business continuity planning, improved cost management, improved productivity and traceability.

An increasing number of customer quality requirements is now mandatory to sustain current business and/or support new business opportunities.  Automating our process control systems allows us to achieve efficient response times, more visible quality control across product supply chains, improved tracking and traceability speed for supply chain routing – leading to improved customer confidence in Linde products and increased customer scores.

Linde Electronics has developed the TLIMS/SQC System. This system includes an information management database plus SQC/SPC software and delivers connectivity with SAP, electronically pulling order information from SAP to TLIMS and pushing CoA data from TLIMS to SAP.

Typically manually operated and separately managed, TLIMS/SQC System integrates and electronically links the following processes:

  • Data management and OQC-to-IQC traceability
  • Incoming raw/source material (IQC) data management
  • Control limit management across supply chain (IQC, IPQC, OQC)
  • SQC/SPC monitoring, flagging, and e-notification across supply chain (IQC, IPQC, OQC)
  • Defects/CONQ management and reporting

There are many benefits to doing this:

Our customers have given us very positive feedback on this system so far.  Here are some examples of what they have been saying about the TLIMS/SQC System:

  • “We recommend regular monitoring of SPC trends as well as implementing SPC rules to ensure targets are met and maintained. TLIMS is an excellent tool to provide this capability, including real-time SPC monitoring, electronic data connectivity plus instrument management and validation.”
  • “An integrated LIMS system is critical to providing real-time process monitoring, necessary to protect our interests, and therefore our confidence in Linde. We see this as a key component to maintaining and growing new business with Linde.”
  • “In the semiconductor industry, it is critical to have real-time SPC data to identify concerns and potential problems in the process so that we can provide our customers with the best quality product as possible. We expect our suppliers to be aligned and have the same capabilities to fully support us as a key customer.”

This blog post was contributed by Patricia Clarke, Technical Programs Manager, ESG SHEQ, Linde Electronics and Specialty Gases.

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