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A July Chill, Again

For the second year in a row, Semicon West coincided with “seasonality” for the equipment industry.

To Semicon West, with Questions

Semicon West, set for July 10-12 in San Francisco, is a good place to hear the experts discuss lithography, transistor, and 450mm wafer challenges.

Training Technicians, Hudson Valley Style

The chip manufacturing technology sequence at Hudson Valley Community College is an opportunity, but no cakewalk.

Chipworks Zooms In on Tri-gate

Chipworks technology analyst Dick James discusses the teardown company’s images, and first conclusions, from the Intel 22nm tri-gate-based MPUs.

Eating Well at Fab 8

Things are looking up at GlobalFoundries, and not just on the technical front.

Looking for an R&D Home

When a German chemical firm, Atotech, was looking for a new R&D center, it found CNSE in Albany, N.Y.

GlobalFoundries Yield Rebound

How did GlobalFoundries boost 32nm yields at its Dresden fab? Single-wafer cleans and bright field wafer inspections played key roles.

Consolidation Behind SICAS, WSTS Problems

As semiconductor vendors come to dominate their markets, sharing data presents problems. Big companies want to “control their own messaging to the market,” said Gartner analyst Bob Johnson.

Japan’s DRAM Makers

Once valiant, now vanquished, Japan’s DRAM industry shook the world 30 years ago.

Connecting at High Tech U

“Galvanizing the STEM pipeline in Central Texas.”

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