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IFTLE 395: And Then There Were 3; IC History for the Younger Generation

Last week, GlobalFoundries (GF) CEO Tom Caulfield announced that GF is putting its 7nm FinFET program on hold indefinitely and restructuring its research and development teams to support “its enhanced portfolio initiatives.”

IFTLE 394 DoDs ERI will Depend on Sky Water; Will Apple Get Caught in the Trade War?

Skywater announced that their intent was to operate the fab as a stand-alone USA specialized foundry.

IFTLE 393 Samsung Adv Pkging at ECTC: Emphasis on Warpage Control

At the 2018 ECTC, Samsung presented several papers on their advanced packaging activities.

IFTLE 392 Chiplet Technology Discussed at DARPA ERI Kickoff

With “Moore’s Law,” which has guided the electronics industry for more than 50 years being challenged on both technical and economic grounds, the defense department is putting $1.5 billion into projects that could “radically alter how electronics are made.”

IFTLE 391 DoD Worried About Access to State-of-the-art Packaging Technologies

Continuing last week’s conversation about access to state-of-the-art packaging capabilities if you are not a large volume player, let’s look at the current concerns of the USG (US govt).

IFTLE 390 Raytek – An Accessible Wafer Level Packaging Start-up in Taiwan

While all readers of IFTLE know that advances in chip packaging have been proceeding at a rapid rate at the same time as front end IC advances are becoming harder and harder to achieve, access to these advanced technologies are difficult if you are not one of the large volume players.

IFTLE 389 Samsung 2μm L/S Panel Level Packaging Technology Revealed at ECTC

This week and next, IFTLE will take a look at the key Samsung presentations from the recent ECTC meeting in San Diego.

IFTLE 388 2018 ECTC Part 3 TSMC & Samsung – Flexing their Muscle at ECTC

Sometimes, not always but sometimes, you can see a trend coming.

IFTLE 387 Broadcom Looks to Advanced Packaging; Rumors from ECTC San Diego

Boon Chye Ooi , Sr VP of Operations for Broadcom spoke at the IEEE ECTC luncheon addressing “Packaging advancements to enable artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous cars and wearables in the near future: cost and implications to supply chains.”

IFTLE 386 IEEE EPS Awards at 2018 ECTC

Memorial Day in the US means the start of the IEEE ECTC meeting, which is run by the IEEE EPS society (Electronic Packaging Society).

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