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IFTLE 363 IMAPS 2017 Part 4: DARPA SHIELD; Shinko embedded die for PoP; Rf Interposers

Let’s finish our look at the 2017 IMAPS Conference.

IFTLE 362 Broadcom Continues Consolidation; IMAPS 2017 Part 3

Before we get back to the IMAPS 2017 conference, a few important items:

ITLE 361 2017 IMAPS Part 1: Xilinx HMB Integration Challenges and More

Let’s start looking at some of the key presentations at IMAPS 2017.

IFTLE 360 IMAPS 2017 – 50 Years and Counting

IMAPS (the Int Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society) 2017 was held this year near their Research Triangle Park headquarters, in Raleigh, NC, certainly a convenient location for IFTLE.

IFTLE 359 ARM on IoT; SEMICON Taiwan Part 4

In his presentation on “New Materials for Fan-out WLP,” Tony Flaim of Brewer proposed an interesting new fan out concept where cavities are laser drilled into a laminated sheet, chips are inserted face up into the cavities and thin film RDL is created over the chips as shown below.

IFTLE 358 SEMICON Taiwan Part 3: ASE & Powertech Fan Out Options

Continuing our look at 2017 SEMICON Taiwan.

IFTLE 357 SEMICON Taiwan Part 2: Laser Processing

Continuing our look at SEMICON Taiwan 2017, we’ll look at some of the papers dealing with laser processing for advanced packaging.

ITLE 356 SEMI Taiwan Part 1: Fan-out Packaging Players, Applications and Market Growth

Although threatened by Typhoon Talim, SEMICON Taiwan went forward Sept 13-15 in Taipei.

IFTLE 355 iPhone 8 Teardown; NHanced Semi; Morris Chang to Retire

TechInsights has begun their teardown of the iPhone 8.

IFTLE 354 The Case for µLED Displays

IFTLE certainly considers this a “futures” technology, meaning still a few years out, but always remember “…the leading edge is where the money is made!”

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