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IFTLE 347: ASE Embedded Packaging Solutions

At the recent IMAPS Carolina Chapter meeting Rich Rice of ASE gave an update presentation on “Embedded Packaging Solutions”. Specifically:

  • SESUB- Semiconductor Embedded In Substrate
  • aEASI –Advanced Embedded Active System Integration
  • FOWLP- Fan Out Wafer Level Package


- ASE offers SESUB through the JV with TDK

- embedding IC releases surface space for other components or allows reduction in overall substrate size

- short copper connections improves parasitics

- ~ 2 dozen SESUB programs underway



- combining leadframe and laminate technologies

- embedding for power devices                        

- good current capability, i.e. ~ 60A; 1.9W/mm2

- 300um Cu heat spreader on back of die      

 - 32um thick Cu lines for low resistance

- low resistivity Ag nano die attach materials keep processing temp and electrical resistance down

IFTLE 347ase 2



- die are embedded in a reconstituted plastic wafer that is then processed like a silicon wafer

- FOWLP can provide size/electrical benefits for a wide variety of products including PMIC, AP, RF devices in mobile applications demanding miniaturization and performance.


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2 Responses to “IFTLE 347: ASE Embedded Packaging Solutions”

  1. Joungtae Suh Says:

    very nice approach for new advanced package.
    What is an answer how new packages reliability are proved, and provide convince level ?

    Thank you,

  2. suman verma Says:

    Well, there is no doubt that the packaging industry is developing very fast and the various organization have taken many environmental friendly alternatives as well.Thanks for sharing the post about the packagingn solutions.

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