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IFTLE 84 …. and the Winner is

Well, all the ballots have been cast. The winner of our contest was determined by who could correctly identify the most  faces that they had seen previously in the pages of  PFTLE/IFTLE â??¦and the winner is…… Dr. Beth Kesser of Qualcomm who correctly identified 38 .

Dr Kesser was shipped MRS volume 970 "Enabling Technologies for 3D Integration" edited by Bower, Garrou, Ramm and Takahashi. Beth received her B.S. degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Cornell University and her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Beth’s interests include developing materials and packaging technologies for the semiconductor industry, which has resulted in 7 patents, 5 patents pending, and over 33 publications in this area. Currently, Beth is the Wafer Level Packaging Product and Technology Manager at Qualcomm in San Diego. Also, Beth is the Assistant Program Chair of the 62nd ECTC to be held in San Diego, CA in May 2012 and was just elected to the IEEE CPMT Board of Governors. 

 The correct names and affiliations are shown below:

 A few fun points:
1) Most recognizable were Jack Nicholson (every single ballot got Nicholson correct!), Dora, Koyanagi-san, Morris Chang, Bob Patti and my granddaughter .
2) Most misspelled name – Ron Homuler or is it Huemoller or as one respondant labeled him  hummuler. Ron – They knew who you were but had trouble with the spelling!
For all the latest in 3DIC and advanced packaging stay linked to IFTLE……….

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