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IFTLE 33 Micron 3D Response, Sematech Standards, Leti 300 mm Line

Since the fall is always an busy time for professional meetings around the world, and nearly all microelectronic meetings are trying to give you 3D IC coverage, I’m having a tough time covering all of this information in a timely, chronological way. The major items are hitting SST as articles but the more data driven information will simply have to work its way through the que. This week an extra blog dedicated to recent 3D IC news items of interest.

With the recent Samsung announcement of stacked 3D memory products [ see IFTLE 27, “Era of 3DIC Has Arrived with Samsung Commercial Announcement”] IFTLE predicted a response from the other memory suppliers and actually asked “ Will Hynix or Micron announce next ?”

Well the answer is in and it is Micron !

Mark LaPedus at EE Times reports that Mark Durcan, COO of Micron, at the recent IEEE ISS meeting in Half Moon Bay, commented that Micron is ”sampling products based on TSVs” and that “..mass production for TSV-based 3-D chips are slated for the next year or 18 months” and that “ Elpida, Samsung, and Toshiba are also in various stages of devising TSV-based 3-D chips” [link]


Andy Rudack at Sematech updates us on the 3D IC committees put in place by the Semi / SEMATECH alliance.

CEA Leti Dedicates 300 mm 3D IC Line

CEA-Leti (the Laboratory for Electronics and Information Technology), a long time player and recognized leader in 3D IC technology development, dedicated its 3D-integration 300mm lines this week. CEA-Leti operates 8,000-m² state-of-the-art clean rooms, on 24/7 mode, on 200mm and 300mm wafer standards.

By adding this technology to its existing 300mm CMOS R and D line, Leti now offers thecomplete package of chip design, fabrication and 3D stacking and packaging on both 200mm and 300mm wafers.

The new line will allow prototyping capabilities in alignment, bonding, thinning, and interconnects in specific integration schemes for optimized die stacks and building efficient advanced-systems solutions at 300 mm.

For all the latest in 3D IC and Advanced packaging technology news, stay linked to IFTLEâ??¦â??¦

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