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10nm FD-SOI, SOI FinFETs at IEDM 2014

FD-SOI at 10nm (and other nodes) as well as SOI FinFETs shared the spotlight at IEDM2014 (15-17 December in San Francisco), the world’s showcase for the most important applied research breakthroughs in transistors and electronics technology.

ST’s Integrated RF-SOI For Front-End Modules: Why Designers Like It

RF-SOI is good for more than integrating RF switches. Other key functions typically found inside RF Front-End Modules (FEM) like power amplifiers (PA), RF Energy Management, low-noise amplifiers (LNA), and passives also benefit from integration.

Peregrine BSOS RF Chip in Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A – That’s SOI!

Main antenna switch solves complex carrier aggregation; simultaneous operation of up to 14 bands

IEEE SOI Conference (Oct., Monterey) Adds 3D, Sub Vt

By Jean-Luc PELLOIE (ARM Fellow and Dir. SOI Tech), General Chair of the IEEE S3S Conference

GloFo Says 28nm FD-SOI Die Cost Much Less Than 28nm Bulk HPP

GF, ST confirm FD-SOI even better with scaling; IBM sees big gains with strain for SOI-FinFETs

VLSI Kyoto – The SOI Papers

Planar FD-SOI, FinFET, RF, memory and more. Highlights of some great papers.

GF’S Two Flavors Of FD-SOI

Subi Kengeri talks about which one you’ll need and why.

Over 50% Of Smart Phones And Tablets Leverage SOI

Consider: 200K wafers = 2.5 billion ICs for RF front-end module apps = half this year’s market.

ST-Ericsson 28nm FD-SOI/ARM Chip Hits 2.8GHz at CES

Key technology behind world’s fastest and lowest-power integrated LTE smartphone platform

Don’t miss Fully-Depleted Tech Symposium during IEDM (SF)

ST’s 1st 28nm FD-planar silicon results; IBM’s next-gen Fin-on-oxide; ARM on design for both.

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