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Intel announces tweaks to 22FFL process for RF, MRAM at IEDM18

At IEDM last year, Intel gave a half-dozen papers on various topics, including two on their 22FFL SoC process aimed at low power IoT and mobile products.

The Packaging of Apple’s A12X is… Weird

Watching the video from the new iPad Pro launch back on October 30, there was a pseudo assembly sequence within it.

IEDM 2018 Coming Up!

On December 1st– 5ththe good and the great of the electron device world will make their usual pilgrimage to San Francisco for the 2018 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting. 

IEDM 2017: Intel’s 10nm Platform Process

IEDM this year was its usual mixture of academic exotica and industrial pragmatica (to use a very broad-brush description), but the committee chose to keep us all waiting until the Wednesday morning before we got to the CMOS platform papers.

IEDM 2017 Next Week Part 2

Part Two of Dick James’ preview of the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting 2017.

IEDM 2017 Next Week Part 1

On December 2nd – 6th the good and the great of the electron device world will make their usual pilgrimage to San Francisco for the 2017 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting.

Intel Unveils More 10nm Details

Intel’s 10nm Enigma

I’ve been looking back at the talk given by Mark Bohr and Zane Ball (Building Winning Products with Intel Advanced Technologies and Custom Foundry Platforms) at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in August last year, and I’m a bit puzzled.

IEDM 2016 – Setting the Stage for 7/5 nm

At IEDM last month, there was much ado about the adjacent 7-nm late-news papers from TSMC and the GLOBALFOUNDRIES/IBM/Samsung group consortium from the Albany Nanotechnology Center, and with less ado, Samsung gave a 5-nm presentation later in the conference.

IEDM 2016 Next Week! (Part 2)

Now for the second part of the preview, starting with the Tuesday afternoon sessions.

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