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Monolithic 3D breakthrough at IEEE S3S 2014

By Zvi Or-Bach, president and CEO of MonolithIC 3D

In the upcoming 2014 IEEE S3S conference (October 6-9), MonolithIC 3D will unveil a breakthrough flow that is game-changing for 3D IC. For the first time ever monolithic 3D (“M3DI”) could be built using the existing fab and the existing transistor flow.

The IEEE S3S 2014 is the first conference to focus on the emerging monolithic 3D technology in addition to focuses on SOI and sub-threshold technologies. It is the conference to learn and get updated on these technologies and on M3DI, which is that newest part integrated into the conference. The 3D part of S3S 2014 will have a full day of tutorial presentations by leading researchers in the space, a full session of invited papers, and will conclude with a session dedicated to discussing the most recent breakthroughs in the field.

The M3DI short course will cover alternative process flows that enable M3DI, discuss the challenges and solutions to removal of the operating heat of monolithic 3D stacks, and describe the range of powerful advantages provided by M3DI. Subsequently, Prof. Sung Kyu Lim of Georgia Tech will cover EDA for M3DI. This will be followed by broad coverage of M3DI for memory applications by two leading experts in the field, Akihiro Nitayama of Toshiba/Tokohu University and Deepak Sekar of Rambus. M3DI provides unparalleled heterogeneous integration options, which will be covered by Prof. Eugene Fitzgerald of MIT and SMART Lee Institute of Singapore. He will be describing the integration of silicon with other crystals for electro-optic device integration.

A GaN+CMOS power amplifier design using the integrated foundry PDK.

The short course will conclude with Prof. Philip Wong of Stanford, who leads research efforts to integrate silicon with carbon nanotube and advanced 2D transistors layered with memory such as STT-MRAM and RRAM.

In the special invited 3D Hot Topics session we expect to get a full spectrum of the latest progress in the field. Particularly worth noting is the recent progress on the work done by CEA Leti with involvement of ST Micro, IBM and supported by Qualcomm. This work shows both a practical path to monolithic 3D IC and cost analysis of the monolithic 3D advantages. The following chart illustrates the reasons for the high interest in the technology.

On Thursday afternoon, in the 3D New Developments session, a game changing breakthrough technology will be presented. Leveraging the breakthrough progress in wafer bonding technology, presenting for the first time ever a monolithic 3D flow using existing fab transistor process. Any fab could utilize this breakthrough to provide far better products at minimum capital and R&D investment. This game changing flow removes the historical differentiation between sequential and parallel 3D, and should significantly reduce the cost and the time for monolithic 3D adoption throughout the semiconductor industry.

Late News for 3DIC will feature CEA Leti presenting a fully constructed M3DI SOI device, and IBM will discuss its Multi Stacked Memory Wafer technology.

More information is available on the conference site: S3S Conference 2014

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