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Blog review January 27, 2014

Pete Singer reports on what Handel Jones, founder and CEO of International Business Strategies (IBS), presented at SEMI’s Industry Strategy Symposium. Handel focused on key trends, factors impacting the growth of the industry and the migration to smaller feature dimensions. He is bullish about 2014 and industry innovation, but cautious about how quickly the industry will move to new technology nodes due to higher costs, and long design cycles.

Zvi Or-Bach, President and CEO of MonolithIC 3D believes that looking at the semi-equipment booking should be the first step in any attempt to assess future semiconductor trends. He writes that a new SEMI report seems to tell us that we are facing a new reality in the semiconductor industry: a Paradigm Shift.

Phil Garrou sorts out the difference between monolithic 3DICs and back end 3D with TSVs. He writes that back end (BE) 3DIC with TSV is a parallel process where each layer or stratum is fabricated with TSV separately and subsequently joined. Monolithic 3DIC is a front end (FE), sequential process where a second layer of silicon is deposited or grown onto the first finished chip and the transistor and interconnect processes are repeated.

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