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Blog review January 6, 2014

Phil Garrou reports that at the IEEE 3DIC in SF in October, DARPA program manager Avi Bar Cohen presented the history of device cooling at DARPA and how it has evolved to the embedded cooling of 3D stacks. The 3D focused portion of the ICECool applications program has a goal of “enhancing the performance of embedded high performance computing systems through the application of chip-level heat removal with kW-level heat flux and heat density with thermal control of local submillimeter hot spots.”

Pete Singer takes a look at what was happening in the nascent semiconductor industry 50 years ago, in the pages of the January 1964 issue of Solid State Technology. Microelectronics was already a buzzword, the relationship between design and manufacturing was under review, and the value of e-beam and x-rays for metrology was known.

Ron Press, Mentor Graphics Corp notes that devices used in safety critical applications need be known to work and have the ability to be regularly verified. Therefore, a very high-quality test is important as well as method to perform a built-in self-test. He says that a hybrid embedded compression/logic BIST circuit is useful for meeting the safety-critical device quality and self-test requirements. In addition, since logic is shared, the controller is 20-30% smaller than implementing embedded compression and logic BIST separately.

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