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Blog Review: October 28 2013

The System-on-Chip (SoC) market has been successful because of the increasing use of 3rd Party Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP). Jim Feldhan of Semico notes that SoC designers are now looking to move up a layer of abstraction to design with system level functionality in order to reduce the effort and cost associated with complex SoC designs. By doing so, SoC designers can add higher levels of system functionality and cutting-edge feature sets without needing to design these functions at the absolute lowest level of complexity.

Phil Garrou blogs about the IEEE 3D System Integration Conference which met recently in SF to hold their 4th annual symposium. What makes this conference different than other conferences with 3D emphasis is the concerted effort to bring all phases of the required 3D infrastructure together including processing, design, thermal and test.

Dr. Bruce McGaughy, CTO and SVP of Engineering at ProPlus Design Solutions, Inc. blogs about the wisdom of Monte Carlo analysis when high sigma methods are perhaps better suited to today’s designs.

Model-based hints (MBH) could just be the secret for helping designers fix litho hotspots, says Joe Kwan of Mentor Graphics. Since designers are generally not familiar with post-tapeout processes, “it’s pretty obvious that EDA tools need to provide the designer with some help during the fix process,” he said.

Jeffrey Gallagher of Cadence Design suggest you take notes during your packaging design workflow with the database diary. It’s not a new command, but instead at a classic command that is available in all APD and SiP Layout tools. With it, you are able to take notes about key design decisions you have made, items that need to be done, or problems you might be having.

Pete Singer, in an editorial comment that appeared in the Solid State Technology September issue, notes that “Mobility is now driving the industry,” referencing remarks made by Ajit Monacha, CEO of GLOBALFOUNDRIES in a keynote address at Semicon West.

Phil Garrou also reports on GINTI, which stands for the Global Integration Initiative, has been spun out of Tohoku University with Professor Mitsu Koyanagi as CEO. He also gives a nod to Robert Patti’s salute to Breaking Bad. ““Yeah Mr. White…Yeah SCIENCE!”

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