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How New Materials Can Solve Contact Resistance

Most connected computing devices today use 3D FinFET transistors enabled in part by technology innovations from Applied Materials. The challenging transition to FinFETs was essential to continue Moore’s Law scaling. But as usual, when one problem is resolved others loom.

eBeam Applications

eBeam technology is used in a variety of process control and monitoring applications to help optimize the quality and stability of device fabrication as discussed in the video and summarized in the below infographic.

Examining Emerging Memory Technologies and 3D Architectures at IITC

Emerging memory technologies and the shift to 3D architectures have the potential to overcome current memory limitations in speed, power consumption, reliability and cost to support future data-centric computing trends.

Applied Materials Hosts Memory Panel Discussion at IEEE IMW

New types of Storage Class Memory (SCM) are emerging that may offer faster performance and better endurance than NAND. While the new SCM technology can offer read performance approaching that of DRAM and much faster write performance than NAND, it poses new materials and process execution challenges as well as unresolved questions related to system design and memory management.

3D NAND Goes Mainstream

Earlier this month, I participated in a panel discussion with colleagues from Cypress, Micron, Samsung and SK Hynix at the Flash Memory Summit 2015 in Santa Clara, California.

50 Years of Moore’s Law

For 50 years, Moore’s Law has served as a guide for technologists everywhere in the world, setting the pace for the semiconductor industry’s innovation cycle.

Quest for More Durable Displays

Our display survey revealed a consumer sentiment that should surprise no one: cracked mobile screens are a big problem worldwide.

Is 3D NAND a Disruptive Technology for Flash Storage? Absolutely!

At the 2014 Flash Memory Summit, I participated in a panel discussion led by Jim Handy, a director at the semiconductor market research firm Objective Analysis and a long-time observer of the Flash Memory business.

The Changing Face of Semiconductor Investment

Innovation is alive and well in the semiconductor industry. That was a key takeaway from the strategic investor panel at the second annual Silicon Innovation Forum at SEMICON West, and one I can’t reinforce enough within the venture capital (VC) community.

Applied Materials Recognized for Leading Green Power Use by EPA

In the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Partnership report released this week, Applied ranked No. 82 on National Top 100 list of the largest green power users, No. 13 on the list of Top 30 Tech & Telecom companies and No. 26 on the FORTUNE 500 list.

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